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The Punisher Season 3: update or Cancelled?

The Punisher season 3

Netflix dropped the second season of The Punisher this week with 13 episodes in one day. A lot of fans already finished the second and is wondering if there will be a third season. However, with a lot of canceled Marvel shows on Netflix, fans are wondering if the second season will be the last for The Punisher.

Last year, Netflix announced cancelations of various Marvel shows in its platform. Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil all received the judgment ax after getting their critically acclaimed last seasons in the platform. The Punisher‘s second season and Jessica Jones were the only shows that survived what fans called the Marvel Purge in Netflix. Both shows have been on post-production when the cancelations happened.

According to Steven Lightfoot, the showrunner of The Punisher, the ending for the season was intentionally left with an open ending for the show to keep it going. He also stated that he would be really happy if the show would continue. Lightfoot also mentioned that he would love to work for the show and make ten seasons. Although there is still no official news about the show’s cancellation, there is no assurance for its continuation either.

Marvel has no say about the continuation either. According to Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel TV, the continuation of the two remaining Marvel shows and the canceled ones will depend on Netflix. Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+, which will is expected to come this year is also expected to have a big factor in The Punisher season 3 and other Marvel shows. But since there’s still no confirmation on either Netflix and Disney about the continuation of the series, it is safe to say that this might be the last season of the series in the streaming platform.

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