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Most Expensivest Season 4 Plot, Cast, and What To Expect

Most Expensivest Season 4
Most Expensivest Season 4

The popular series on Viceland, the Most Expensivest, teaches us one simple lesson, “If you can splash the cash, you can take the ride of your life.” , The award-winning superstar hosts the show and he takes the viewers on a fascinating and unexpected tour of the culture of excess. Throughout the series, we come across the most expensive versions of regular and luxury items.

The series can be best described as kinetic and completely unpredictable. It investigates all manners of products and services and is driven by a central question- Is it worth it?

Viceland, in which the series is telecasted, is an Emmy winning youth lifestyle and entertainment network from VICE Media and A+E Networks.    The show has run three successful seasons back to back.

Who is Most Expensivest Season 4 Plot?

The show follows Chainz as he crisscrosses the country from New York to Los Angeles and from Miami to Vegas so that we dive into the highest-end versions of everything. Such a spectrum ranges from the apparent indulgencies to the extra-ordinary and ridiculous, including the funeral and the afterlife.

Chainz also brings the fellow lush-life loving luminaries, including Rick Ross, Jesse Williams, Wale, Hanibal Burress, and T.I. Along for the ride. The series is co-produced by Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE), Mustache, and Viceland.

Most Expensivest

Most Expensivest Season 4

Who is Most Expensivest Season 4 Cast?

The host of the show is Grammy-winning hip-hop superstar 2, Chainz. His debut album, which was released in 2012, was declared a Gold Disc. His subtle humor and witty remarks have become the hallmark of the show.

Other sources of attraction for the series are the highly expensive item used and displayed — characters like Hannah Bronfman and Trappy. Various stars like Amber Rose (actress) have appeared as guests in the show.

The singer and songwriter of the show are Erykah Badu, and the NFL legend is Jerry Rice.

When is Most Expensivest Season 4 update?

Season 4 of the show named, Most Expensivest will probably be released in Fall 2020. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.