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Queen Of The South Season 4For 2019 And Update

Queen Of The South Season 4

It has been reported several times now that Queen Of The South Season 4 is under works by various sources and is said to return sooner than usual, but until we get an official announcement, it is all speculation.

However, an official announcement is not going to be enough to stop us from gathering the information that we need to gather about the fourth season of the show and in this post, we’ll be talking about Queen Of The South Season 4.

Before we begin, I want to let you all know that this post contains a bunch of spoilers from the previous seasons, so please continue only if you have caught up to the series.

Queen Of The South Season 4 update

Queen Of The South Cast

However, if spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started. Queen Of The South Season 3 ended back in September 2018, and it’s been quite a while since then. In October, it was announced that Queen Of The South would return with the fourth season, but that was the extent of the information that we were provided with.

Based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s bestselling Spanish-language novel La Reina Del Sur, Queen of the South is one of the most popular TV Shows in the US. The series sees stars, Alice Braga, as Teresa Mendoza follow Teresa’s drug trade career after she makes an escape from Mexico and decides to go to the U.S with the idea of taking refuge in mind.

When the series premiered in 2016, it became a hit instantly, and that’s why people are desperately waiting for the new season. So when exactly will the fourth season of the show be out?

It is being reported that Queen of The South will premiere in 2019, so fans don’t have to wait for that long. An exactisn’t known yet, but we can always guess. The previous three seasons of the show have all premiered in June of that year. We expect Queen of The South to return in June 2019 as well.

Queen of The South is going to be very exciting this year, but we’ll have to wait for half a year more to be able to see it.

Updated on 20 March 2019:

Now we are getting more details of the show, including some new cast members. As we know, the fourth season is going to expand the reach of Teresa, and she will be operating in the East Coast as she faced Big Easy. Now a new place and new challenges will also come with new characters. We are getting information that Bailey Chase and David Andrew are going to join the cast.

Bailey Chase will be playing Eddie Brucks, who is a musician disturbed with his personal problems and trying to deal with them. His personal demons are going to cross paths with Teresa, and he will be trying to play it safe!

On the other side, David Andrew will be playing the role of a judge named Cecil Lafayette. He will be from one of the oldest blue blood families of Louisiana. Not just that, he will be the biggest problem for Teresa, and it would be interesting how do they treat each other!