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Crash Landing on You Season 2 Renewal and Plot: Is CLOY Coming Back?

Crash Landing on You Season 2

In this post, we are going to talk about Crash Landing on You season 2 renewal, and updates. As we know, season 1 of the hit Korean drama has completed its television run already, and all the fans are very excited to know what is next. However, what is next is more about the Netflix viewers, as the Korean viewers are usually happy with how a season completes, and do not expect renewals.

But, the show has been also premiered on Netflix, and has done good on the international platform, things are heating up around the love drama of tvN. Therefore, we are excited to see what happens next in the show. Nonetheless, we are still not sure whether the show will be coming back or not, but let’s discuss all the details which are available!


Crash Landing you became the second-highest-rated drama in Korean History. You can see the tweet below:

Only a handful of drama in South Korea get a second season, it is up to Netflix if they would like to renew the Crash Landing on You for a second season. However, it has happened many times, fandom pushed the TV Networks and Streaming platforms to continue canceled shows as well as renew shows that had no chance of getting another season.

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 24/03/2020)

Crash Landing on You Season 2 Renewal

As of now, the show has not been renewed, as no official details are out regarding a renewal from any of the networks, nor tvN, neither Netflix. But we do know that the show has really got a good response from all over the world. In South Korea itself, it has become second most-watched show, and also the second time when a show’s watching audience increased to go past 20% in South Korea. The show is the highest viewed show of tvN network, so tvN would also be benefitted if the show gets renewal. Nevertheless, all these factors are not going to outweigh the storyline, as the show would continue only if there is something to be depicted. Otherwise, we would not be getting a second season.

Note: spoilers ahead!

The first season ended with Jeong-hyuk and Se-ri reuniting, which was one of the most emotional moments of the series. The couple have gone through a lot, and in the end, we see the couple getting two weeks together, and it ends with both of them deciding to meet two weeks every year in Switzerland. It was a good ending for the fans, but it looks like if Netflix or tvN renews the show, they can elaborate it by showing them being forever together, or something similar. Only the factor that is to be considered is it should not become forceful, otherwise, the fans would definitely criticize for ruining such a great show!

Crash Landing on You Season 2 update

If the Crash Landing on You is given a green light, Season 2 will release in 2021. As for now ‘Crash Landing on You Season 2’ is not been officially announced by Streaming giant Netflix, but considering the fandom of the show, it can be presumed if the show is given a green light it will be in 2021. In details, the first season aired on Netflix in December 2019, so we expect the Netflix release of Crash Landing on You Season 2 in December 2021, if renewed.