Our Girl Season 4 Cast, Plot, and What We Know So Far

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Our Girl has had an impressive journey filled with tours, romances, and shocking deaths. They have managed to gather an immense fan following. Fans fell in love first with Lacey Turner’s Private Molly Dawes and then with Michelle Keenan’s Sergeant George Lane. The series has taken us to various locations such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Kenya. Now it will follow Georgie to Afghanistan.

What is Our Girl Series 4 update?

Our Girl Series 4 will be released sometime in 2020 on BBC. The exacthas not been given out yet, we will share the details once it has been revealed. The filming was done in 2019, and Keegan had given out clues by uploading boomerangs and shout out to the hard work of the crew.

Our Girl Series 4 Trailer

The cast of Our Girl Series 4

Mitchelle Keegan is going to be the main protagonist of the new series of Our Girl and will be playing Georgie Lane. There are some new casts as well, like Nico Mirallego, Hatchard. Hatchard has expressed his love for the show as it has depicted the British troops.

Other casts include Attenborough, Kaine Zajaz, Amy Leigh Hickman, Josh Bowman, and so on. However, some key names are missing, like Maise and Rab.

The storyline and other details of Our Girl series 4

The filming has taken place in South Africa. The shooting was split into two teams. In the fourth series, Georgie is going to have gone back to Manchester and is living with her family. She has been promoted to a Sergeant. She is training a group of medics and does not want to join her friends in Afghanistan for their upcoming deployment.

However, she begins to reconsider her decision when a fatal accident takes place one night, which begins to remind her about the painful memories of her fiancé whom she had lost. Her fiancé was lost due to a Taliban attack, and she begins to connect it with her decision. Eventually, she decides to go back as she cannot leave her friends alone.


Show’s season 4 discovers Georgie living back in Manchester with her family and in a progressively positive spot – presently a Sergeant, she’s preparation a lot of doctors and chooses not to join her companions in 2 Section on their up and coming arrangement to Afghanistan.

In any case, that choice comes into question when a night on the town brings about a close lethal mishap, encouraging Georgie to come to understand that the difficult recollections of losing her life partner Elvis to a Taliban assault are behind her choice not to come back to Afghanistan. At last, she understands she should return and face her own feelings of dread.

Our Girl Season 4 Episodes

Show’s Season 4 already aired its first episode on 24th May 2020, the series will have a total of 6 episodes in this season.

Our Girl Season 4 Episode 1 – As 2 Section prepares to return to Afghanistan, Georgie must decide whether to join them, kicking up difficult memories for her. (24 March 2020)

Our Girl Season 4 Episode 2 – Trying to shake off her resurging grief for Elvis, Georgie leads efforts to support a risky medical outreach program. (31 March 2020)

Our Girl Season 4 Episode 3 – Georgie unearths vital intelligence that sends 2 Section on a dangerous mission to rescue Dr. Bahil. (07 April 2020)

There’s no word yet on whether Our Girl will return for a fifth arrangement. Given the extent of the show, the shoots are in every case long and overwhelming – yet the dramatization stays well known on BBC1 with a devoted fan base.

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