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‘High School Musical 4’ Cast, and Details

That the hit trilogy High School Musical will have another addition in its installment namely High School Musical 4 is no longer news. Ever since 2016, we have been bombarded with the news of High School Musical 4 but nothing! Back in 2016, immediately after High School Musical announcement was made, Disney confirmed the initial line up of characters.

The name drop of main characters happened too, and Campbell was supposed to be the new Troy, Erin was supposed to be the only girl on the boys’ soccer team. Nathalie was supposed to be Erin’s best friend, Derek was also supposed to be a soccer player besides being one who would teach dance to young girls on the side and finally the It girl was supposed to be Tamara.

After all these years, the good news and the solid confirmation is that the fourth installment to High School Musical is called High School Musical: East Meets West. The subject matter is the same, which is the classic rivalry play out between two the two high schools: the East High Wildcats and the West High Knights. That the movie is happening is also 100% confirmed. You may be surprised to know that High School Musical was confirmed in mid-2009 actually by president Disney Channel, Gary Marsh.

Regarding the plot of High School Musical 4, soccer and musicals will take center stage instead of basketball. I mean sure, they have to play with ideas. Similarly, the original characters such as Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, and Chad won’t be there anymore. We have Erin, Derek, Campbell, Tamara, and Nathalie in place of them.

Amongst the old cast, coach Bolton’s (Bart Johnson) return is the only one confirmed as of now. Theor the trailer for High School Musical remains unknown at this point and obviously so does the trailer. More as we have it.

The fourth installment in the series will be set 15 years after the events of the movie. The new film is also expected to have new songs and some covers of the songs from the previous films. High School Musical 4 has no confirmedyet.

Update March 2020

The first ‘High School Musical’ trilogy is coordinated by producer Kenny Ortega, most popular for films like ‘Newsies’ and ‘Hocus Pocus’. The music was given by David Lawrence, who likewise made the music for ‘American Pie 2’ and the TV arrangement ‘Jericho’. Ortega may come back to coordinate forthcoming sequel, however that has not been affirmed at this point.

As you might have heard about Disney’s new streaming platform called Disney+. It is reported that High School Musical 4 will be available exclusively on Disney+. Disney+ is set to provide competition to Netflix. Disney+ would come up with shows that fans have loved in the past and would continue to love as the time comes on.

Regarding the casting of High School Musical, it was done with years and years ago. But guess what, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are no longer in a position to play their characters because everyone ages, so it is obvious that High School Musical will see different characters in the coming installment. As of now, just Bart Johnson is required to repeat his role in the up and coming ‘Secondary School Musical 4’.

Now coming towards the most important part according to various reports ‘High School Musical 4’would be set for late 2021, although this isn’t official by any means. Due to recent COVID-19 pandemic, Hollywood has come to stand still and no new shooting is undergoing. So if one has to bet or expect afor High School Musical they should consider 2021 as their best and soonest option.