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Wentworth Season 8: update, New Episode Count Revealed!

Wentworth is all set to make a comeback, and not with just upcoming season 7 but also a piece of confirmed news for season 8. Australian triumph narrative and top the chart TV show is having its golden days. As the company behind this show, Foxtel renewed Wentworth for more 20 episodes, taking the series to a total of 100 episodes since it was debut in 2013.

According to many previous reports and leaked everyone thought the series was canceled and not renewed for any new seasons. However, as a result, fans signed an online petition to “Save Wentworth” and an early priority for incoming Fremantle CEO Chris Oliver-Taylor.

Wentworth Season 8

Wentworth By Foxtel

Wentworth Season 7 is set to release for 2019, and Season eight production is set to begin next year. Foxtel’s Ex-Director mentioned

“Foxtel production is proud that Wentworth is renewed for more 20 episodes. These additional episodes would be continued in Season 8 of the show, which’s production would begin next year. The renewal of Wentworth is proof of Foxtel’s consistent commitment to Australian story-telling. The commissioning of these new episodes will see it reach an extraordinary 100 episodes.”

Wentworth Season 7 will consist of 12 episodes and according to reports can be released in June 2019, although no exact dates have been revealed yet. Previous Wentworth Seasons have aired either in April or May.

Update March 2020

Wentworth is set to return for its eight-season, and the production company recently released that the show’s eighth season’s new teaser trailer. The short however extremely tempting clasp shows a faintly lit Joan “The Freak” Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) alone in a dull room, with one threatening message.

“A few insider facts don’t remain covered,” she says before including: “They have no clue what’s coming.”

Foxtel has affirmed the TV WEEK Logie Award-winning dramatization will return, with ‘Wentworth Season 8’ this June. So now we know Wentworth Season 8 update is set for June 2020. The last time we saw The Freak, she was shouting with sickening dread caught in a container underground, left distinctly with a lighter and a drawing of Bea. Making what we can just accept that was a Kill Bill-Esque getaway, she showed up in the season seven finale living among a gathering of vagrants, probably plotting her vengeance.

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