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Baki Season 3: Netflix Trailer, Details, and Announcement

Baki Season 3
Baki anime promo

Netflix has expanded its base to anime, and the online streaming platform has some of the most exciting animes, and Baki is one of them. After two successful seasons, Baki has been given the green light for a third season, and fans are incredibly excited about it. We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the anime, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Baki Season 3.

As you may already know, Baki is adapted from the manga series, Baki The Grappler, and it’s a very popular manga series in Japan since it made its debut. It’s extremely popular among fighting enthusiasts. The franchise has been incredibly popular for almost three decades since its debut in 1991. The show arrived on Netflix Japan first in June 2018 and was later followed by a global release in December 2018.

As per the announcement, the show has been renewed for a third season, and not just that, the show has also confirmed to get a fourth season. Hence, it is good news for all the Baki fans!

Baki Season 3 Trailer

A trailer of the upcoming season was released on YouTube on the official Baki channel, and if you have still not watched it yet, you can check it out below:

Baki Plot: What is this show all about?

The story follows Baki Hanma, the main character who is on his quest to become the worst strongest martial artist, and for that, he needs to surpass his father, so he is traveling to different parts of the world to learn new techniques. The official Twitter account announced back in March about the renewal of the anime.

Update April 2020

Baki Hanma is a character who needs to demonstrates that he is a superior contender than his dad. Along these lines, he ventures to the far corners of the planet to refine his aptitude as a contender and become the world’s most grounded military craftsman. He is a potential danger for the five of death row’s generally merciless and rough detainees, who accept that Baki will demolish them. During his excursion, Baki meets a companion who goes along with him in his excursion and who battle close by on the planet’s deadliest competition to help his companion.

We recently accepted that the following period of Baki would air in Japan before making its appearance on Netflix in the not so distant future, however, because of the authority Baki site we presently have the affirmation that Baki season 3 is showing up in June 2020! It’s hazy if all scenes will be accessible to stream, however deciding by the utilization of the wording in the declaration, we’re hoping to see one new scene consistently from Thursday, June fourth, 2020.

What is Baki Season 3 update?

According to several rumors, Baki Season 3 is expected to release in June 2020, as per the current details. According to reports, a total of 26 episodes are inbound, and it will be divided into thirds and fourth seasons, each comprising 13 episodes. Baki Season 1 was also a 26 episode long for Japanese fans, but when it was released globally, it was divided into Part 1 and Part 2. Here is the official Tweet of Netflix, where they mention about the third season releasing this year.