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Hospital Playlist Episode 8 update & Streaming Details

Hospital Playlist Episode 9 update

The stories of people who are going through their seemingly ordinary days but actually turned out to be special are well presented in Hospital playlist. This Asian drama is about a group of medical students who became doctors and are now colleagues. Soon we will find out how their story will continue. This episode guide will provide you with the latest developments and updates about Hospital Playlist Episode 8 streaming details.

This show is also known by its other names as Wise Doctor life, Seulkirowoon Uisasaenghwal, and many other names. This show will be running for its first season that is scheduled for 12 episodes. So far we will be entering week 8 of the drama broadcast but worry not, season 2 is already scheduled for a start immediately after the first one ends. Take a look at our latest updates below.

When Is Hospital Playlist Episode 8 update?

Hospital Playlist episode 8 will be released on Thursday, 30 April 2020 at 20:00 Korean Standard Time(KST). This will be broadcasted in Korean local Television channels every Thursday and Friday for the drama’s two slots every week. If you are outside the Korean region and can not access this on Tv then you should check out the latest streaming details for the show below.

Where To Watch and Stream Hospital Playlist Episode 8?

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist

You will be able to stream Hospital Playlist Episode 8 online on Netflix as soon as it finishes broadcasting on Korea’s local television channels. All episodes are available in English subtitles and the previous ones are always available for a rewatch in case you have missed any episodes. For the upcoming episodes guide, take a look at our updates below.

When Will Hospital Playlist Episode 9 Release?

Hospital Playlist episode 9 will be following after Hospital Playlist episode 8. For this drama, it will be coming back for this week’s two days broadcast slot. First, it will be Hospital Playlist episode 8 on Thursday then episode 9 will follow on Friday and will be the last episode for this week until Hospital Playlist returns with new episodes next week. For more details about the drama take a look at the updates below.

Updates About Hospital Playlist Drama

Note that as soon as a new episode of Hospital Playlist is broadcasted in Korea, we will be bringing you more news and updates. New episodes always come with more updates to the show’s episode guide, so if there could be any changes we would know by then. Don’t forget to visit our homepage for the latest Asian drama updates. We have more updates about the ongoing, the new shows, and the upcoming ones. So I’m sure you are likely to find something of your liking or one of your favorite shows there.