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The King Eternal Monarch Season 2 – update & Renewal

King Eternal Monarch

In this post, we will be looking at The King Eternal Monarch Season 2 update  & renewal. With the recent end of the first season of The King Eternal Monarch. Fans where left wondering whether things will be picking up where they left-off any time soon. Because we can all tell that the ending of the season finale did not bring as many answers to questions fans had. But instead, it added more questions as the episode hinted a possible expansion of the current story even though it managed to create a good wrap up for the season.

The first season of the drama ended recently and so far there had not been any updates about the future of the drama. But as we know, the drama runs on Netflix and the trend with most Netflix shows is to usually wait a few weeks after the finale before any updates can be made about the show.

Well, chances are that we might still get the second season of the drama. Towards the end of the first season of the show, the doppelganger of Lee Gon from the Republic of Corea appeared wearing what looked like a military uniform. And he went and tried to kill Lee Lim back on the night of the treason as he was trying to change the course of everyone’s destiny.

King Eternal Monarch

The season finale managed to produce a happy ending and has received good fan reactions and most of the fans are still looking forward to what could be next in the show. Well, we are yet to hear if things will continue with The King Eternal Monarch season 2 or not. But after so many possible fans reviews, then this sends a strong message to the creators of the show.

The King Eternal Monarch Season 2

In that case, then The King Eternal Monarch Season 2 can be released later in 2021. This would be if the show is given a go-ahead. And considering the current world pandemic situation. Then it will be a while until the production team can get together and start filming a new season. So if any announcements are to be made. They will likely confirm whether there will be The King Eterna Monarch Season 2 or not.

It will be likely that the return date might not be announced anytime soon. So for now all we can do is wait to see what the producers will do as a response to the rising demand for The Kinga Eternal Monarch Season 2. The drama’s fanbase is satisfied and the fans are looking forward to a second season so we are all eager to see how the creators of the show will respond.

The King Eternal Monarch Season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix for all countries. So if you are not yet families with the show you can catch it online while waiting for the second season. While the hardcore fans wouldn’t mind doing a rewatch of the first season as it managed to produce a good story that is worth watching over and over again.

These are all of the updates we managed to get so far. So be on the lookout for any news as it has been a while since the end of the first season. As soon as Netflix makes any official statement about the show. We will be bringing you more updates right away. As of now, The King Eternal Monarch is yet to be renewed for a second season.

Updates on The King Eternal Monarch Season 2. [Monday, 13 July 2020]

With about two months now after the end of the first season, The King Eternal Monarch is still receiving a lot of demand from its fan base for the release of The King Eternal Monarch Season 2. Lately, most viewers have been concerned about what this means for the show. And since most of Kim Eun’s shows usually do not get a second season, then this just takes hope out of all the fans.

For now, everything is up to the production team, and with me here I have updates that we have managed to find based on the story we were following with regards to any progress on the release of The King Eternal Monarch Season 2. The first season has now just made it on the top 10 shows on Netflix worldwide and its rating on the top 10 most-watched show on NetFlix worldwide moved up by two spaces from number 10 to number 8

We have received feedback from Touchwood Public Relations which are partners with Netflix on the productions of the show. And unfortunately, they have reported that for now, they can not share anything about The King Eternal Monarch Season 2.

The good news so far we have received is from the Netflix Customer Service and they have confirmed that Netflix is negotiating for The King Eternal Monarch Season 2. Beyond that, they have revealed that they don’t have more information yet on exactly when The King Eternal Monarch Season 2 will be available.

So far that is all of the updates we have. Do not forget that we will be following this story and find out on the latest updates as soon as the matter reaches a conclusion. Fans have also started an online petition which shows how the demand for The King Eternal Monarch Season 2 is rising. So if you want to participate, you can check out the petition here

But, for now, fans will have to wait to hear more about the updates of Netflix negotiations with Studio Dragon. When that happens, we will bring you more updates right away so don’t forget to enable alerts on our website so that you get notified as soon as we publish more updates.