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Read One Piece Chapter 990 update, Spoilers, and Recap

One Piece

The battle is still continuing in the Land of Wano Pound has evidence that Lola is her real daughter. Pound shows a locket that contains a photo of his daughter Lola and Chiffon to prove he is Lola’s father. Back in the past Pound was kicked by Big Mom out of her room that is when the photo was taken. The photo is showing Big Mom’s feet from the other half. Kaido’s allies are shocked they are running for their lives out of fear because Big Mom is about to go berserk.

Meanwhile, Luffy is climbing up to Onigashima’s roof to clash with Kaidou. Shinobu is surprised to see Luffy with Yamato and Luffy told Shinobu that Yamato is on their side. Yamato is shy while greeting  Momonosuke, she told Momosuke that she is Oden, she will protect him. Momonosuke and Shinobu keep their distance from Yamato due to a shock.

Today we will be looking at the latest development of One Piece Chapter 990 update and a recap of the last chapter. Let’s start by looking at the schedule of this manga to get more updates as soon as they are released.

One Piece Chapter 990 will be released on Sunday, 13 September 2020. The spoilers of chapter 990 are not yet available, we will update them as soon as they are available. This Manga releases its new chapters every Sunday. Take a look at some of the latest development of One Piece below.

One Piece

One Piece

Previously on One Piece Chapter 989

Big Mom manages to get up from the earlier attack of  Franky the attack did not make an impact on her. The Yakuza bosses discuss that they should go fight Tobiroppo to buy more time instead of wasting time-fighting less powerful enemies from Kaido’s crew. Franky introduces himself to Big Mom. Nami warns Franky to run since he is up against one of the Yonkou.

Franky replied that why should we run just because she’s a Yonkou?running away won’t make Luffy become the King of the Pirate. Franky gets furious and tries to shoot his bean towards Big Mom, suddenly 3 Numbers appear. They are all drunk and look like onis. Big Mom says they are the failed version of “Ancient Giants” like Oars that Kaido bought from Punk Hazard. One of them is holding the Brachio Tank with Usopp and Chopper.

Franky shoots a beam towards the Branchio Tank. Big Mom calls Franky Iron Man and she is about to charge towards him suddenly Jinbe grabs her arm from behind and pins her to the ground. Robin grows her hands underground and rolls Big Mom until she crashes into the other side of the room. Jinbe says Big Mom will soon be back angrier than before. Franky said that it’s time to unleash Franky Shougun.

Luffy climbs up to the stage and meets Zoro, who appears at the door behind the stage. They decide to go up for and fight Kaidou together while ignoring Queen. Zoro grabs Luffy who uses his “Gomu Gomu no Rocket” to fly up with them. Meanwhile, Queen transforms into a dinosaur and grabs them with his mouth. King and other flying Gifter are on the sky waiting to block anyone that wants face Kaido.

Sanji gets up from the rubbles he was protected by the suit. Queen grabs Luffy and Zoro back down on the floor. Hyogoro laughs saying that even though there are so many obstacles, it doesn’t feel like they are losing at all.  Soon the Straw Hat Pirates will be standing together facing Numbers, Queen, and King.

You will get this Manga on Viz Media and Manga Plus official websites. They are available for free and you will be able to read only three of the latest Manga chapters. If you want more than that then you will have to opt for a paid subscription where you can read all of the chapters of the manga. So make sure you use these official channels to read your manga as this will help the manga creators in promoting it.

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