One Piece Episode 941 update Preview and Spoilers

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One Piece

The wano arc in One Piece anime will be picking up pace soon with major events set to happen. In the recent episodes, the build-up to Yasue’s execution is almost complete as he is already caught and Orochi is on his way to initiate his execution. The anime seems to be moving at a rather slow pace as even now Luffy is yet to master his Haki training and Big Mom has not yet made her appearance in Udon prisoner mines. On the other hand, we are still waiting for major events like Hawkin’s bout wit Law, Zorro’s encounter with Enma, and how Yasue’s execution will turn out.

One Piece anime currently runs on a weekly basis and you will be able to get new episodes every Sunday early in the day JST. You will be able to watch official episodes online on Crunchyroll at their earliest and those who are on free streaming accounts can watch the latest episodes only a week after they have been broadcasted.

One Piece Episode 941 will be released on Sunday 13 September 2020 at 9:30 AM JST. If you want to catch the episode at its earliest release then its best you check it out on Crunchyroll by then. As usual new episodes are out on Sunday unless the anime takes a break, in which case announcements are usually made in advance. The next episode of the anime, One Piece episode 940 will be broadcasted this weekend and that is where we will see the remainder of Yasue’s execution.

Let us take a brief look at the developments of major events from the recent episodes of the anime. With Yasue’s execution almost here, it turns out he had planned for all of these based on his last words with Kanjuro and Shinobu. Yasue revealed that a lot of people will not last a week before the Onigashima raid and that he will be joining them in the big fight. After that, he went and deliberately got caught in an effort to save the message that had spread around that there is a planned raid during the fire festival.

One Piece
One Piece

Manga fans would remember how crucial this action is as in turn it finally managed to bring in Shutenmaru to the minks side in the upcoming raid. Seeing that Kinemon’s plans have been foiled Yasue plans to pretend that the message was spread around by him as a fake and is aware that only through his execution would this send a strong message that indeed the rumors about the raise where fake.

Now everyone with a crescent moon’s symbol on their ankles has been rounded up as traitors and this has involved a lot of innocent people. The anime is now going a little slow on these events as a lot of scenes are receiving some screen time at once. This includes Luffy’s training in the prisoner’s mines, Big Mom’s impending appearance at the prison, Zoro’s meeting with Enma, and the developments on the whereabouts of the rest of Law’s crew.

Although the previews of the upcoming episodes have shown that the main focus of the next episode is Yasue’s execution. We are yet to see how that will turn out this weekend when the next episode is broadcasted. For now, we can only wait as the weekend is only a few days away and that is when we will be back with more updates.

If you are a big fan of the manga don’t forget to check out our home page for more updates on the release of the latest manga chapters and spoilers. The manga also seems to be receiving some interesting developments, but if you are an anime-only fan. We still got you covered. You can also check on our latest news and update about One Piece Anime episodes.

One Piece Episode 941 Preview

Thanks to the latest youtube preview that all we have to offer about the latest episode of this Anime.

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