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King of Apocalypse Chapter 105: Raw Scans, and Spoilers,

King of Apocalypse Chapter 105 update, Where To Read and Spoilers

In the latest chapter of King of Apocalypse, Qin Yu was fighting a dangerous monster as he was having trouble dealing with its poisonous attacks. When he ended up takings the spill of one of its poisons, it was draining his powers to a point where all he could make was just a small fire. The monster proved to be very skilled in battle as not even himself could keep up with it and can hardly find any openings. The monster then resorted to poisonous gasses which just added a toll to the already Strained Qin

King of Apocalypse Summary

King of Apocalypse follows the story of Qin Yu who was killed a few hundred years into the future during the apocalypse due to a misjudgment. When he traveled back in time before the apocalypse kicked off, he relied on his battle-hardened apocalypse experience and techniques to rapidly develop into a formidable opponent. He passed through all hurdles and saved the world while protecting his beloved sister.

King of Apocalypse Chapter 105 Spoilers

It seems like the monster finally managed to take Qin out as even though their las move connected to each other, Qin pierced through the monster’s head while the monster managed to directly inject its venom in his body taking a huge toll on his heart as he collapsed. The upcoming chapter will then reveal what happened as on the last blow it seemed like they have taken each other out.

King of Apocalypse Chapter 105 update

The release schedule for the manga has been consistent on releasing new chapters on a span of 2 days and then take a 5 days break. Chapter 103 was released on the 9th which then saw the 5 days break end Today with the release of Chapter 104. Then this means that Chapter 105 will be released by tomorrow, which is the 15th of December 2019 before the next 5 days break comes.

Where To Read King of Apocalypse Chapter 105

King of apocalypse Novel is published by Discord and is also available on Patreon by Thenonames. New chapters are always available as soon as they are released online form official platforms helps the Manga creators and the Novel publishers.