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Xbox Series X Specifications and Performance: All We Know

Project Scarlett is another name for Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console that has been out with the name of Xbox Series X. The announcement was made officially at The Game Awards 2019. According to Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, and partner director of program management Jason Ronald, the console will be very powerful. They have also given information about the unique features, controllers, and so on.

Everyone wonderer why the name was kept as Xbox X, which doesn’t fall in place after Xbox One. However, Spencer justified that it was connected to its physical design and that it can be laid down and has a tower-style design.

Specs and performance

The last console Xbox One X was really amazing, and it would require something extraordinary to beat it. As far as the specs are a concern, we are made to believe that it is indeed better than the last game. The GPU is going to be eight times faster than the base Xbox One and twice as fast as Xbox One X. The CPU has been mentioned to be four times powerful than its predecessors. However, the exact model of comparison wasn’t made clear.

Talking about the games, fans were excited about how the games will look like on the new console. The Series X featured the first game which was Ninja Theory, the sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice. As far as the observations were made, the gaming console sets it to foot to make a huge jump in technological advancement just from the perspective of super high graphics. Another game, Halo: Infinite, is going to get launch. However, no demos have been shown yet

Xbox One already had a cool gamepad. However, the Series X looks to improve it with some change in shapes, a share button, modular hybrid d-pad, haptic feedback, and rumble triggers. Both the consoles can be used with controllers of either of the two consoles. In order to pre-order the game, we have to wait till around the holidays of 2020, even though specific dates aren’t mentioned.