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Borderlands 3: Kick off 2020 With This New Updated Takedown Solo Event

It was previously announced by Gearbox that the event would go live from 16 December 2019, but according to the company due to some technical issues, it was postponed. But recently the officials have announced the rescheduled date, According to which the event will go live from 16 January to 30 January.

The Maliwan Blacksite event permits players to take on some endgame content without having concerns whether they have a full party or not. The patch notes shared by the company this week has some detailed hotfixes. Also the at the bottom of the post, there’s a note which says that Maliwan Takedown will return soon. Gearbox has also thanked Borderlands 3 players for patience. The gearbox also gave an overview of what players can expect from the event.

The makers have scaled down the scaling levels for the players. It was previously tough for some players to progress and find a party, but now it will be a bit easier for all of them. During the event, Takedown’s difficulty will automatically scale to match how many players are at the party.

Players can avail of several advantages in this two-week event, which means it will be a super-effective way to grind for endgame gear. Also, it will be a good chance to try the Takedown if you haven’t tried it yet.

Once the event goes off the air, it will return back to its old non-scaling ways.