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‘Legends Of Runeterra’ To Open Beta Soon: How To Join, and All You Need To Know

Legends Of Runeterra Open Beta

After a magnanimous game League Of Legends, Riot Games is now all set to surprise its fans with a brand new game Legends Of Runeterra. Riot Games is right now really trying hard to surprise its fans. The game Legends Of Runeterra will be available on its beta version from January 24.

Previously Riot Games just allowed plenty of players to participate in Legends Of Runeterra’s closed beta version. But now the games’ beta version will be accessible worldwide from January 24. Players having a keen interest to join the game can register right now on the games’ official website till 20th. Also, early birds will get an opportunity to access the game one day before its release i.e on 23 January. Players who play the game between the open beta session will get exclusive access to a special character Moonstruck Poro.

Legends Of Runeterra update

Legends Of Runeterra Poster

The Open beta version will add a variety of new features. It will include ranked play, challenge a friend, new boards and guardians, friend list, and updates to more than 20 cards. The Legend of Runeterra will also kick off a brand new ranked season which will last till the release of the whole game.

Riot also announced that every account previously playing on a closed beta version will be reset after the open beta version hits the floor. That means anything the players have bought in the previous closed beta version will not be accessible to anyone. So that anyone who wants to join will be on the same level as the already closed beta version players.

Legends Of Runeterra is a card battler game. It features many of the known faces that populate League Of Justice. Some of the characters are Thresh, Yasuo, Jinx, and Lux.