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Narcos: Mexico Season 2 – Trailer, Plot And Cast Details

Narcos: Mexico Season 2
Narcos: Mexico Season 2

We have afor Narcos: Mexico Season 2 as well as new cast information, let us get right to it. Narcos the crime drama that’s been a smashing hit on Netflix is supposed to be back with Mexico Season 2, technically Season 5 on the whole. The show, which needs no introduction, traces the cat and mouse game between Narcs and drug cartels. Season 1 of Narcos Mexico dealt with the rise of the Guadalajara drug cartel of Mexico in the 1980s. It was the fourth season of Narcos. But then Netflix decided to develop the series as a companion show.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Plot

Regarding the plot of Season 2, it traced to the root of all drug trade, Mexico, and the establishment of the modern drug trade. The center of the whole series was real-life narco Felix Gallardo, who’d been a Sinaloan police officer turned drug lord. Next, we saw Kiki Camarena, a Mexican-American DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), upon whom lay the task of taking Felix down.

Narcos Mexico Season 2

In the end, Kiki was abducted, murdered by Felix’s men. It was his death that sparked the primary catalyst in the war on drugs. In the end episode, the identity of the show’s narrator: Scoot McNairy as agent Walt Breslin, a DEA agent in charge of Operation Leyenda, was revealed. He constituted a task force sent to bring to justice for people responsible for Kiki’s death. Hence, this exact will be the plot of Narcos: Mexico season two.

Who is the cast of Narcos: Mexico Season 2?

Amongst the cast, we have Scoot McNairy as agent Walt Breslin, Diego Luna as Felix Gallardo, the Kingpin, Tenoch Huerta as Rafael Cara Quintero, Teresa Ruiz as Felix’s girlfriend, Isabella Bautista, Alejandro Edda Joaquin as “El Chapo” Guzman.

We also have anon the new cast that will be joining us in Narcos Mexico Season 2.

  • Sosie Bacon (Here and Now) as Mimi Webb Miller
  • Mayra Hermosillo (Falco) as Enedina Arellano Felix
  • Andrés Londoño (Fear the Walking Dead) as Enrique Clavel
  • Alex Knight (Legion) as Kenny Moss
  • Jesse Garcia (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) as Sal Orozco
  • Matt Biedel (Altered Carbon) as Daryl Petski
  • Miguel Rodarte (Time Share) as Danilo Garza
  • Jesus Ochoa (Overboard) as Juan Nepomuceno Guerra
  • Flavio Medina (The House Of Flowers) as Juan Garcia Abrego
  • Jero Medina (Belle de Jour) as Ossie Mejia
  • Jose Julian (The Society) as Javier Arellano Felix
  • Alberto Zeni (The Noble Family) as Amat Palacios
  • Noé Hernandez (We Are the Flesh) as Rafael Aguilar
  • Nat Faxon (Family Guy) as Ted Kaye

When is Narcos: Mexico Season 2 update?

Narcos Mexico Season 2 will be releasing on Netflix on February 13, 2020, and it has already been confirmed.