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Eden’s Zero Chapter 34 Spoilers – Hermit Is In Trouble

Eden's Zero Chapter 66 update

There’s a lot of speculation after the previous chapter revealed two things. The first revelation is that Hermit doesn’t want to go with Shiki because she hates humans. Just before the chapter ends, it was also revealed that Homura might be working with someone and is luring Shiki to trust her. In Eden’s Zero chapter 34, a new revelation will take place inside Digitalis.

According to spoilers, Shiki will be surprised that there are robots which don’t like humans.¬† Rebecca will respond that this phenomenon is not rare, and he will remember Michael and all the other “corrupted” robots back in Granbell. Left we no choice, he and the rest of the team will come back to the town. However, the team is up for a surprise when a horde of monster arrived. NPCs are telling them that there is no such event, and even if there is, the monster count is crazily abnormal. The team and the town NPCs will then find out that they are Jamilov’s army and are told to kill all the people in town by him.

Shiki and his gang will fight the monsters and is sending them flying with his powers while Weisz cheers him up. Happy will realize that other monsters are flying towards where the Hermit is staying. Because Shiki is worried about Hermit’s safety, he ran off toward her while entrusting the monsters in town. There’s a chance that we’ll see Hermit’s power in this chapter.

And that’s it for Eden’s Zero chapter¬†34. Will we see more of Hermit and the extent of her power? What about Homura? Is she really planning to betray Shiki? Is she really Homura? A lot of readers are speculating that because the game can alter appearances, this Homura is not Homura but someone impersonating as her. We will know the truth in the next chapters.