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Generation Zero Gameplay, Trailer, And Price

Generation Zero, the game belongs to Avalanche Studios. It essentially is an open-world shooter game. Fans of Avalanche games were dying to know whether Generation Zero would have asoon or not. While theof Generation Zero was debated for a longer period of time, something construction happened recently- we got afor the same. THQ Nordic and Avalanche have announced that Generation Zero will release across all platforms of PC, PS4, And Xbox One. And it is not very far away from where we are today.

But, before we unveil that, let’s talk about the game a bit. Generation Zero was first unveiled in June of 2018. The game essentially is a payable solo, open-world shooter set in the 1980s of beautiful Sweden. The gameplay is somewhat like, you play as one of four teens who return home only to find the town overrun by a killer robot. Since June of 2018, Avalanche hosted closed beta tests. Check out the trailer below:

Generation Zero has the unique gameplay ever; it’s essentially one of those survival games. You deal with scavenging for lifelines and supplies, stealth navigation of bigger robots, and at the same time, taking out the smaller ones. It’s one of the most exciting and the unique set-ups that you may ever see.

We also have more on Generation Zero. So basically, it is priced at $40/£35/€40 for the standard edition on consoles, and $35/£30/€35 on PC, not too expensive for the latter. All pre-orders will include a Radical Vanity Pack. The Radical Vanity Pack is an assortment of 12 clothing and customization items.

Generation Zero releases on all the major platforms of Xbox, PC, and PS4 on March 26, 2018.