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OnePlus 7: Price, Rumors, And Details

OnePlus 7

OnePlus’ flagship device, OnePlus 6T made its debut last year, and as expected, it made a significant impact on the community and the market. Customers were impressed with the specifications and the performance along with the first in-screen fingerprint sensor. However, the attention is now on the upcoming flagship device from the company, OnePlus 7 and according to reports, the upcoming device will be focusing on improving a few different aspects on the previous one. However, the company is keeping a low profile as to what they will be implemented in the upcoming device.

Few images of the device have been revealed, and from it, the device looks pretty premium with a bezel-free display and a pop-up front camera while on the rear side, there is a triple-lens sensor. According to reports, OnePlus 7 is going to be one of the first devices to support 5G connection, and tech savvies are getting pretty hyped up for it.

Few sources claim the device to feature a 21:9 screen display, however, other sources deny it. It is also rumored that OnePlus 7 will be powered Snapdragon 855. It is also being predicted that the device will lack the support of microSD card and it will be a sport at least a minimum of 8GB RAM.

Experts also believe that the upcoming OnePlus 7 will be entering the market with an initial price of around $699 or more. However, we expect to hear more things in the upcoming days, so stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates.