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Porsche Taycan Specifications, And Price

Porsche Taycan update
Porsche Taycan Specifications

Porsche has done something amazing as they have sold out the first year’s allocation of new Taycan electric sedan. This hasn’t been achieved in the history of Porsche where it has sold so many cars ahead of launch and because of this, the company might scrambling to see if they can increase the production. So, you might ask what is so great about, well, Taycan has a lot of improvements like the flatter roof line which gives more room for the head. The reverse-hinged doors are removed, and wheel arches have been toned down.

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan

The company has revealed some amount of information about the car. This will have two motor all wheel driving system with over 440KW and also a 0-100km/h time in under 3.5 seconds. If this doesn’t amazes you I got more, the Driving range will exceed 500 kilometers and this car will support 800V and 400V fast charging stations. It has impressed the customers that Porsche has already 20,000 pre-order for the Taycan. This amazed even the company, as their target was to make 20,000 Taycans per annum.

So, after hearing these things, you might be wondering that what is the cost of the car?. Well, it hasn’t reveled yet, but it might start from $75,000. I say this is because the director for the Taycan, Robert Meier said in an interview with Automotive News, “we’re expecting a price somewhere between a Cayenne and a Panamera,” In the US, Cayenne starts at under $66.000, and on the other hand Panamera starts at $85,000. So, Taycan might start to be $75,000 range. Thefor Porsche Taycan hasn’t reveled yet, but we might get it sometime this year.