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Strike The Blood Season 4 update, Production, and Spoilers

Strike The Blood Season 4

Strike the Blood was long confirmed to be coming back for its fourth season in spring 2020. And now that the times are finally here, strike the Blood Season 4 will be making its debut in a few days from now. So in this post, we are going to talk about Strike the Blood Season 4 update and time as it has been finally announced. The season is scheduled for a total of 12 episodes or OVAs that will be running for the next 12 weeks.

Strike The Blood Season 4 Production

Hideyo Yamamoto will be coming back to lead this project working together with studio Connect. The screenplays will be handled by Hiroyuki Yoshino and Keichi Sano will be working on the character designs while Jin Aketagawa will be overseeing the sound creation.

The number of episodes for this will be more than those of season 3. Strike the Blood Season 4, or to be precise, Strike The Blood IV will have 12 episodes compared to 10 of the previous season.

When Is Strike The Blood Season 4 update?

Strike the Blood Season 4 update is Wednesday 8 April 2020 at 12:00 AM JST. The new season titled Strike The Blood IV will be making its debut this upcoming Wednesday. For most parts of the world, it will still be Tuesday as the Japanese time zone is way ahead of many countries’

Strike The Blood Season 4 update

Strike The Blood Season 4 update

With that being said Strike The Blood Season 4, or Strike the Blood IV will have its episodes tiled as OVAs. As the upcoming episode will be titled OVA 1. Let us take a look at what will be happening in the upcoming season below. The trailers have been released already and they have been circulating the internet frequently as the release of Strike the Blood Season 4 Episode 1 nears.

What Will Happen In Strike The Blood Season 4?

Trailers, although they could generalize the entire season’s focus, can also reveal more about the debut of new seasons. Below we have the latest trailer revealing how Strike the Blood Season 4 will be coming back, take a look:

To get into more details on the focus of this season. We will try to figure out what will happen based on where season 3 has left us. Koko Akatsuki received an invitation from Princess La Folia to visit the Kingdom of Ardigia and had accepted the invitation as Natsune Kanase will be coming with him. There is a ceremony going on in Ardigia to commemorate the conclusion of a peace treaty. Meanwhile, the royal palace of Ardigia was attacked by unknown monsters.

This was just the beginning of a large scale invasion by the terrorists and Kojo was even drawn into this mixed up troubles. Kojo returns to Itogami Island only to find out that the demon sanctuary is under attack by the Order of the end. Things got worse when the leader of Order of the end appeared as the fourth primogenitor. We will also learn more about the purpose of the Vampire King as the true ancestors will be gathering. On the other hand, MAR has declared neutrality but their true intentions are yet to be revealed.

Where To Stream Strike The Blood Season 4?

Although Strike the Blood Season 1 was streaming in Crunchyroll, it was not the same for season 2 and 3. So far there are not any official streaming sites confirmed by the production team. So this meant that so far Stike the Blood IV will be airing in selected Local Japanese channels only. But in case there are any updates, we will be bringing the news to your firsthand. So make sure to regularly visit our site for the latest Anime news.