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Mordhau Gameplay Details, and Updates

Mordhau is not too far away from the release, and the fans can’t wait to get their hands on this medieval multiplayer game. The game is set to be released later this month. It will be released on April 29. This bit of news has been confirmed by developer Triternion.

The game will offer massive brawls and small scale fights. Mordhau will offer 64 player brawls, and the players will take part in castle sieges, horde-style combat against AI enemies, and there will also be cavalry charges. Mordhau’s battle royale mode will put out players on the field with just their fists(at the beginning of the fight). The players will compete with others to be the last player standing on a large map while the circles continue to draw closer.

The game is also going to have Frontline mode, which is conquest style mode. In this mode, the players will lay sieges, and there will also be horse combat. There will be two teams who will be battling it out on the large map. They will have to capture the control points of the enemy in a linear order. The main goal is to take the other side’s base under your control.

You can also customize a lot of stuff. You can decide how your character looks, and you can also choose how you will approach to fight. You can choose to be an archer or a swordsman, and you can make weapons out of smaller parts. The players can also select different individual armor pieces.

There is no news about the price of the game on Steam. We might wait until the release of the game to find out how much the game costs. The game has the potential to be a hit but, we have to wait actually to find out.