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Dinner Mate Streaming Details

Dinner Mate

This month Asian drama will kick off will the latest release of Dinner Mate showing on screen for its first season bringing us a delightful drama, let’s take a look at the latest updates of Dinner Mate below.

This drama is about a young woman going through a rough breakup with a longtime boyfriend she’s still in love with, and a young man who is s a serial dater and he is getting tired of relationships. They both like to eat out but dislike having to go to nice restaurants alone, and they happen to meet while waiting to be seated at a restaurant, each of them alone. The hostess mistakes them for a couple and offers them a couple special, which prompts them to sit together and end up having dinner together, after their first unexpected meeting, they meet and have dinner together weekly, that is how they strike up an unusual friendship where they get together just to eat out, and over multiple dinners, they open up to each other about their relationship troubles and grow closer.

When is Dinner Mate update?

Dinner Mate will air its first episode on 25 May 2020 and will run till 14 July 2020 covering 32 episodes with a duration of 35 in each episode, it will be releasing two episodes per day.

Where To Watch and Stream Dinner Mate?

Dinner Mate

You can watch Dinner Mate on Korea local Tv Channels and stream it online on the MBC network, for those who are not around the Korea region they can stream it online on the MBC network episode will be release twice in a week every Monday and Tuesday.

When Will Dinner Mate Episode 1 Release?

The latest episode of Dinner Mate will be released on Monday, 25 May 2020, at Korea Standard Time on Monday, and Tuesday soon we are going to bring you the latest updates of Dinner Mate episode 1.

More Updates About Dinner Mate Drama

As soon as new episodes of Dinner Mate episodes are released we will be bringing you more updates as new episodes usually come with more news. Don’t forget to check out our home page as we always have the latest news about Asian dramas. We have news about the ongoing and upcoming show and I’m sure you are likely to find one of your favorite shows there or maybe a new show you can watch. That’s all the updates we have, for now, let us meet again after the next episodes are broadcasted for the latest updates.