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Legend of Awakening Episode 23 & 24 Streaming Details

Legend of Awakening Episode 23 & 24

Legend of Awakening will be returning to the screens for its last broadcast slot this week together with the end of the week. The story of Lu ping will continue once again and we will get to see how things move forward for him. With me here I have the latest updates about Legend of Awakening episode 23 & 24 streaming details.

Keep in mind that two episodes are released for every broadcast slot. This means that Legend of Awakening episode 23 will be followed by Legend of Awakening episode 24 immediately when it finishes its broadcast. Take a look at our latest news and updates below.

When Is Legend Of Awakening Episode 23 & 24 update?

Legend of Awakening episode 23 & 24 will be released on Sunday, 3 May 2020 at 20:00 CST. New episodes are always broadcasted from Thursday up until Sunday with each dar bringing us two new episodes. The local channels, iQiyi Youki and Tv Mango host this drama every week and will broadcast the last two episodes of the week on Sunday and then return once again next week on Thursday. Take a look at Legend of Awakening Latest streaming details below?

Where To Stream and Watch Legend of Awakening Episode 23 & 24?

Legend of Awakening

Legend of Awakening

You will be able to stream Legend of Awakening episodes 23 & 24 online on the Rakuten Viki streaming website. New episodes are always available in English subtitles and are always uploaded when they finish their broadcast in China. So Legend of Awakening episode 23 & 24 will each be available online from Sunday. You can also watch the previous episodes that you might have missed or if you want to do a rewatch from episode 1. For more details about the upcoming episodes, you can use the information below.

When Will Legend Of Awakening Episode 25 & 26 Release?

Legend of Awakening episode 25 & 26 will be released on the next broadcast slot next week on Thursday. Since Legend of Awakening episode 23 & 24 will be broadcasted this Sunday, then episode 25 & 26 will then follow afterward. They will start next week’s broadcast slot from Thursday and will be followed by other double episodes up until next week Sunday. Take a look at the latest information about Legend of Awakening below.

More Updates About Legend Of Awakening

Keep in mind that as soon as a new episode of Legend of Awakening is released, we will be bringing you more updates to Legend of Awakening episode guide. So make sure to regularly visit our site for the latest information. Also, don’t forget to check out our latest news on the ongoing and upcoming Asian dramas. Im sure you are likely to find out one of your favorite shows or something new to watch. Let us meet again soon.