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Jessica Jones Season 4: Krysten Ritter Reveals The Fate of The Series

Jessica Jones Season 4

It has been a tough time for Marvel fans lately mostly because of the predicament that Netflix created when it decided to cancel all of its Marvel series because of the problems faced with Disney and with Disney revealing its own online streaming platform, Disney+, Netflix decided to end its deal and it was all it for its fan-favorite Marvel Series. Shows including ‘The Punisher,’ ‘DareDevil,’ ‘Iron Fist,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ got scrapped and fans started online campaigns to save their favorite series.

Will Jessica Jones Season 4 Ever Return?

Jessica Jones Season 3 finally dropped on Netflix. However, this sweet moment was totally ruined by the fact that it was the last fans would be seeing of the heroes. There are many speculations as to how the series could return in future as there is still so much to the story and none of the series was close to conclusion.

Fans are hoping to see Jessica Jones Season 4 return to Disney+ or Hulu. However, things are not looking great for the Krysten Ritter starter. Fans will be bummed to know that the actress herself shot down the chance of the Jessica Jones’ revival.

In an interview with TV Line, Krysten revealed that she doesn’t think she will reprise the role of Jessica Jones again in the future. She admitted that she played the role and now she’s all got to close that door. So, it’s getting clear that we might not hear from the series again, and even if it gets a reboot, it won’t feel good without the original cast and the original showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg.

Rosenberg also revealed that Jessica Jones is complete, and now, it’s a closed chapter, and she is ready to tell new stories.

If it stays like this, fans would need to accept the fate of the series and be thankful that at least it ran for three successful seasons, and it’s time to move one.