Phil: Greg Kinnear Starring New Movie, Everything You Need To Know

In this post, we will be talking about Greg Kinnear’s directorial debut and his upcoming film, Phil. Greg Kinnear, the American acton who is known for his movie like Robots (released in 2005), Green Zone (released in 2010), Heaven Is for Real (released in 2014), his role in Friends, is now his return but in a different role.

He will be making his directorial debut 5th July onwards, and his fans are extremely excited to see what he has planned for them. His upcoming movie, Phil will be hitting the theatres soon, and it will be exciting to see how the film performs in the box office. We have gathered all the details and information regarding Greg Kinnear’s movie, so here is everything you need to know about his upcoming movie.

The story revolves around a dentist (played by Kinnear) suffering from depression as his life is in wrecks. He gets more shocked when he found about one of his patient’s suicide despite having what it seemed to be a perfect life. Phil then decides to find how can a man decide to kill himself despite having everything, so he puts himself in the shoes of his patient, and he befriends his wife and daughter. The movie is all about Phil’s two lives and how long he can keep up.

According to a recent interview with, Kinnear revealed that he heard about the project two years back and he thought the movie to be a ‘life-affirming movie about death,’ so he decided to get on board.

Phil revealed that the nature of the story made him get on the big chairs and take the role as the director of the movie. He feels that with directing, a person can have the strongest voice in the film and ‘Phil’ seemed liked the perfect project for his directorial debut.

The cast of the upcoming movie include:

Greg Kinnear as Phil
April Cameron as Rahel
Megan Charpentier as Molly McGuire
Sarah Dugdale as Kara Fisk
Jay Duplass as Malcolm
Kurt Fuller as Jerome and others

Phil update

Greg Kinnear’s Phil will be released on 5th July 2019.

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