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Read Black Clover Chapter 262 Spoilers, and Recap

Black Clover

Black Clover is back from its weekly break. We are back again with Asta a boy with no magic who uses an anti-magic sword to accomplish his goal of becoming a Wizard King. Back to the Clove Kingdom After Yami failed to seal Dante, he is in trouble. All the BB squad members are ready to save Yami from Dante. Yami protected everyone from Dante. Take a look at the updates below.

Asta is injured, his right arm is black with evil magic and the doctor thinks he can’t do anything about it. Everyone is sad and the doctor suggested that he will have other mages to look after Asta. The Golden Dawn has been decimated and all thanks to Asta and Yami that everyone is protected. All members of the BB squad are being treated. The doctor thinks that the true nature of Mimosa’s magic can help Asta.

Todays’s post is about the Black Clover Chapter 262 recap. Asta will try to go and save Yami but he will meet with an unknown man who will try to stop him. We will know down below what happened to captain Yami. Take a look at the Manga’s schedule below then move to the latest development.

Black Clover Chapter 262 will be released on Sunday, 30 August 2020. Black Clover releases its new chapter every Sunday. This post may contain spoilers of the next chapter so make sure you proceed with caution. If you don’t like the spoilers you can skip them. Take a look below.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 261

Asta is screaming in pain alone in the room and he saw a grimoire opening itself. He notices that it is taking out Yami’s sword. Asta gets up of the bed going to where the grimoire is. While he is running he saw someone and he asks himself who is that person. Asta said that he has to go and save Yami. An unknown man said that he didn’t stand a chance in defeating Dante. Where is he trying to go? and there are two other strong villains.

Asta talked with the unknown man who said he is familiar with Asta. He decided to let Asta go to save Yami. An unknown man said that if Asta loses he is an idiot. Asta, take his sword out of his grimoire saying that he is the demon destroyer. He tries to attack the unknown man who pins him down. An unknown man told him that if he can’t defeat him he won’t be able to save Yami.

Asta started blaming himself that it is his fault that he is weak he should have been stronger. An unknown man said that he is a fool while taking off his hat that is hiding his identity. An unknown man reveals his identity that he is Nacht the vice-captain of the BB squad. He told Asta not to worry Yami is still alive and he is going to teach him how to use the devil’s power.

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