One Piece Episode 944 Preview, and Spoilers

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One Piece

The battle is still on at Wano execution grounds the body of Yasuei is now in the hands of the Straw Hat crew. Meanwhile, Captain Kid has been captured by Udon guards he is back with his friend Killer. Killer is now known as Hitori who is forced to eat Smile fruit and he was given a mask of laughter that he can’t take off. Luffy got angry and said ” Balloon come on, let’s just start the sumo matches.” He was telling Queen to clash with him.

Meanwhile, Sanji is fighting with X-Drake who has turned into a beast, and Usopp shouts Sangoro leave Otoko to me. Sanji replied that thanks Usohachi and he pass Otoko to Usopp. While Zoro exchange some sword slashes with Kyoshiro. Zoro unleashes two-sword style: tower climb return. While Sanji fires Diable Jambe Concasse that burns X-Drake. Kyoshiro manages to block Zoro’s attack. Let’s see how it continues below.

In this post, we are going to talk about the recent development of One Piece Episode 944 preview, and recap. The spoilers for the upcoming episode are not yet available. We will also see how the sumo match will take place at Udon prison. Take a look at the following details below.

One Piece Episode 944 will be released on Sunday, 4 October 2020, at 9:30 AM JST. Note that every Sunday this Anime will be releasing a new episode. For you not to miss a new episode change the JST time to your local time. You can watch this Anime latest episode officially on Crunchyroll. Let’s move to the latest updates down below.

One Piece
One Piece

Previously on One Piece Episode 943

While the Straw Hat crew is still clashing with Kaidou’s allies the Orochi’s Oniwabashu Shogun of Wano Personal Ninja Force shows up. Kyoshiro decided to leave the battlefield. The personal Ninja Force shows Zoro his wanted post telling him that they know that all members of the Straw Hats are in the Land of Wano. They left Zoro with Nimpo to capture other members who are on the run. Brook told everyone to escape as he is about to show them that he is the soul king.

Brook took his guitar and started singing unleashing curse that scares some of the Ninjas. Meanwhile, at Udon Captain Kid and Hitori are about to be executed. Queen announces that he has thought of an exciting game Sumo Inferno. Meanwhile, Law confronts Basil for capturing his allies and Basil said he is going to put Law in jail. Basil trick Law using his powers and show him that he has 4 lives, for Law to kill him he has to first kill his 3 allies.

At the execution ground, X-Drake sends Sanji flying using his tail. X-Drake told Sanji that he is not weak just like Page One. Sanji heard the voice of a beautiful lady screaming and he pins X-Drake to the ground using his powers. When he reaches there Zoro quickly rushes and protects Komurasaki. She fell on Zoro’s hand and Sanji freeze asking if Moss knows that beautiful woman. Back to Udon, the Sumo Inferno begins Queen said that he will keep on drowning Captain Kid and Hitori inside the water.

If  Luffy dies then he will get them out of the water. Luffy charges with an iron fist that got blocked and he almost got sent out of the ring. Luffy got angry and walk towards Queen suddenly Big Mom jumps at the Udon gate. She wants Red bean soap she beats all the guards at the gate saying, mama..mama. Luffy and Queen are waiting to see who is coming inside.

One Piece Episode 944 Preview

For more updates about One Piece upcoming episode, they will be available for you every Sunday. With those updates and preview up above so far that is what we have to offer for you this week. You can use this to get more episodes of this Anime.

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