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Vikings Season 6 Spoilers Confirms The Death Of A Major Character

Vikings season 6
Vikings (Credits: History)

Vikings season 6 finally got a update. It is good news for the fans but it also brings bad news with it. The bad news is that the death of one of the biggest characters has already been revealed. This news was announced by non-other than Floki star Gustaf Skarsgard, it looks like the warrior could have been killed in the last season without anyone knowing.

The fans of the series have a lot of questions among some of them are is whether if Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) will be killed off in season six. Other fans’ question is if Ragnar Lothbrok will be returning to the show. But one question stands out the most which are if, who was last seen in an Icelandic cave, looking for his religion. The last scene of Floki was him screaming at the top of his lungs in the dilapidated cave which causes it to collapse.

Vikings season 6 update

Vikings (Credits: History)

Because of this, he was trapped in the cab without any means of escaping. Ever since that the fans have been debating whether he lives or is dead. Now, their questions have been answered by non-other then Floki actor Gustaf who recently posted an image of Vikings’ season six poster, alongside a caption that shook the fan base. He wrote: “Who’s ready for season six? Floki might not have made it out of the cave but I’m as excited as the rest of you to follow the fates of all the other characters!”

He further said in that post “Hail King Björn! Premieres on Dec 4!” After this, the fans were lost their mind and they posted comments in which they claiming that he should return to the show. But he might not be the only casualty of season six. I say this because the trailer of the showed a lot of an incredible number of battles, and alluded to the ongoing spat between brother Bjorn and Ivar the Boneless. Moreover season sixth teased The tease for season six began: “Season six returns following the battle between brothers which has left Bjorn victorious and a hero to the people who have been under the tyrannical rule of Ivar for so long.” Season Six will be a sight to behold and fans can’t wait for it now. Season six of Vikings will be premiering on 4th December.

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