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Kingdom Chapter 659 Updates So Far


The battle is still on with the arrival of new troops, the enemies have invaded Juuko Fortress and it is a bloody battle inside. The soldiers are trying to push back the enemies but they are being dominated. Meanwhile, the Ranbihaku army wants to kill Tou and his soldiers are protecting him. Tou has managed to dodge the arrow that nearly took his head and he said if he knows that it is coming it will never hit him.

Hakurei looks back and notices that Tou knows where he is and one of the generals asks him if they can change their direction. Hakurei replied that it is too late for that meanwhile, Kouyoku gives pursue Tou. Tou notices that Kouyoku is nearby and he is killing his defense line. Kouyoku yells at Tou that their fight is not yet over and the generals order the soldiers to send ten cavalrymen to hold Kouyoku back. When Tou is focusing at Kouyoku Ranbihaku interferes.

Kingdom Chapter 659 Recap

Kingdom Chapter 659  will be released on Saturday, 31 October 2020. The new chapter of the Kingdom will be released every Saturday until further notice. Let’s find out how the battle continues below.



Previously on Kingdom Chapter 658

Kouyoku is worried that his effort went in vain since it is for the second time Ranbihaku is getting on his way. Now it is Kouyoku vs Ranbihaku and Tou take it as an advantage to destroy their HQ. Meanwhile, at Juuko HQ the generals told him that they have reached their limit. Ju-Kou orders everyone to fall back, if it is not working Man-U has to show up. Ju-Kou has noticed that the situation is getting worse and his troop is being overpowered he decided to retreat.

His soldiers are surprised to hear him saying they must retreat now back to the castle and he is not aware that the enemies have invaded the castle. The generals think that going back is not a good idea and he told them that they don’t have another choice. Man-U is acting strangely he is also losing his power and the enemies are pushing him back. Ju-Kou explains to his soldiers that even when Sen-Tou and Gen-U are working together they are not powerful enough to win since they have lost many soldiers.

The combination of Qin and Wei is unbreakable and they are now showing their true power. Meanwhile, Moubu is back at his game he is in combat with Man-U who is worn out. The general told Ju-Kou that if they lose because of weak Man-U Juuko will be finished. Ju-Kou Sama replied that they were never meant to protect it in the first place.

Meanwhile, Man-U and Moubu are exchanging blows while talking to each other. Man-U told Moubu that he doesn’t know what burden he is carrying or it may be the will of the dead or the living. He must also know that it may betray him one day and he must be ready for it. Moubu told Man-U to stop talking nonsense while landing a powerful blow that sends Man-U to the ground.

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