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Boruto Episode 135 Spoilers – Urashiki’s Power Revealed!

Boruto Episode 135

We only have to wait for a couple of days before Boruto episode 134 is out. After finally growing at ease with each other, Boruto and Naruto have been able to make a lot of improvements to their Rasengan combo. However, with the appearance of Urashiki, both ninjas are forced to fight without perfecting their technique. Will they be able to defeat Urashiki in Boruto episodes 134 and 135?

Boruto episode 134 is titled “The Power to See the Future”. In this episode, the show is finally going to reveal Urashiki’s ability. The team will be having a hard time fending off the Otsutsuki fighter. Sasuke will be in grave danger due to an injury. Nevertheless, it seems like the team will finally be able to come up with an idea to get Urashiki backed in the corner. With Boruto 135, Urashiki will use one of the hidden tricks up his sleeves.

Boruto Episode 135

Jiraiya in Boruto Episode 135

According to a spoiler from Twitter user OrganicDinosaur, Boruto episode 135 will be featuring the final battle of this arc. Titled as “Final Decisive Battle, Urashiki”, Urashiki will collapse after his fight with Boruto and the others. Out of desperation, Urashiki will eat his own Rinnegan and transforms into another being. So far, nobody has done this feat before, so we can’t really tell what kind of powerup will he get.

The powered-up Urashiki will try to force out the Kyuubi’s power by coming after Naruto. Jiraiya and Boruto are trying their best to protect Naruto, but Urashiki easily evades their combine assault.   Meanwhile, Sasuke is being healed by someone who seems like the childhood version of Sakura. In his state, he called out Sakura’s name to the one who’s healing him. With only Jiraiya and Boruto protecting him, will Naruto survive Urashiki’s onslaught in Boruto episode 135? Let’s all find out in the upcoming broadcast this December 8, 2019