Black Clover Rumored To Launch A Movie

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“My Magic Is Never Giving Up”, imagine this statement is coming out of a brat who possesses no magic in the world where magic is everything. Don’t you find it a little weird, but trust us, this brat is one of the strongest mages of Clover Kingdom – Asta!!!. He is a protagonist of a series known as Black Clover. Those who are following the anime series should know that the series has entered Spade Kingdom Arc. The last episode, episode number 170, featured Asta is fighting to obtain and control his evil magic powers.

On the other hand, the manga is knocking the door of ending the spade kingdom arc. The recent chapter of Black Clover, Black Chapter 316, is delayed, and this is no official statement regarding the delay has been announced till now. Recently, there has been a rumor floating in the air regarding the movie animation adaptation of Black Clover. But is it?

Black Clover Movie

Recently, a Twitter user known as @Clover_Kingdom_ tweeted an update regarding a movie. Here is the tweet:

As per the tweet, there will be an announcement regarding the movie of Black Clover in Jump Festa, which is going to be held on December 18/19, 2021. Apart from that, the franchise will hold a stage in the event, where they will sell their merchandise and promote the movie.

Well, if we put certain pieces together, then we can conclude that this is highly possible. Like, the anime series is on a break, and the manga series is advancing at full pace. There is a high possibility that we might have the spade kingdom arc movie.

Besides this, we might have a spin-off so that the hype related to the anime adaptation of Black Clover should get rise again. The franchise is pretty aware that the story holds great potential, and there is a huge fandom of Black Clover, which is spread universally. So, a movie adaptation might be a decent deal for the franchise. And for the fans, all they need is to watch their favorite character in some action. We can expect the announcement regarding the first Black Clover movie this year.

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