Wanda Vision Has Screened! Find Out What Critics Have To Say About The Marvel’s First Disney Plus Series in 2021!

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Wanda Vision Has Screened! Find Out What Critics Have To Say About The Marvel's First Disney Plus Series in 2021!

There are only a few days left until Marvel makes its mainstream comeback and their first project Disney Plus’ Wanda Vision arrives on Disney’s OTT Platform. Even after a year of zero releases, Marvel has kept the fans invested. To make their return noticeable, a huge amount of teases were brilliantly done that caught the attention of a large amount of audience. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel, revealing that the Wanda Vision’s all episodes to portray a sitcom to Monica Rambeau’s appearance in one of the many clips, Marvel has given plenty of room to fans to know already the kind of adventure they are about to witness. On the other hand, Marvel is on the verge of doing something different for the first time with portraying sitcom styles while also using a lot of visuals even more than Avengers: Endgame, according to Elizabeth Olsen, so like we said, Marvel has brought the whole lost entertainment of 2020 once and for all in a single table. And don’t forget Wanda Vision is just the first in line with a slate of projects listed to be released this year.

Though Wanda Vision arrives on the 15th of January on Disney Plus, the series has already screened three episodes for the critics. They have shared their thoughts about the series on Twitter, giving a glimpse of what they can expect from the upcoming Marvel venture. Here we are discussing everything the critics who saw the first glimpse of the series have to say about Marvel Studios’ newest outing.

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The Views of Critics On Marvel’s Wanda Vision

Starting with Steven Weintraub, the editor-in-chief at Collider, who has shared his immense love for Wanda Vision as he watched the very first three episodes of the series. Steven Weintraub applauded Marvel Studios for the big swing they have taken under the leadership of Marvel’s President Kevin Feige himself and applauded Feige’s willingness to take risks that could be seen in the upcoming Marvel’s Disney plus series.

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Wanda Vision Has Screened! Find Out What Critics Have To Say About The Marvel's First Disney Plus Series in 2021!

Next, we get a view from James Viscardi of Comicbook.com, who shared what he felt about the series in a span of three different tweets to portray his love for the show. James Viscardi reminisced how everyone already had it coming. The series will be much different from the usual Marvel set up and talked about the new sitcom portrayed in the show, making situations tense and gripping.

In another tweet, James Viscardi went on to talk about how Wanda Vision adheres to the idea of what we think is normal and what makes it not. And Viscardi tells the fans that the show offers everything from humor, drama, and suspense while it has done an incredible job of setting up the series in the first two episodes.

The managing director of Fandom, Eric Goldman, talked about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s pace and the superhero story’s approach is changing and evolving for studios’ fourth phase. Eric Goldman called the series a jam while applauding the full cast and crew’s performances, who stayed true and adapted to the sitcom style. Eric Goldman applauds Elizabeth Olsen especially calling her performance as truly outstanding, and quoted that if award shows weren’t snobby with superheroes, Olsen was bound to get an Emmy nomination.

Eric Goldman went further to tell the fans how Wanda Vision is a weird and completely different approach for Marvel’s return, and some fans might have to find themselves adjusting to the new approach as it doesn’t fit with the traditional superhero storyline. Eric Goldman also revealed the run time of all three episodes, which are 30 minutes each.

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Wanda Vision Has Screened! Find Out What Critics Have To Say About The Marvel's First Disney Plus Series in 2021!

The managing editor of Fandom, Erik Davis, also shared his thoughts online and quoted how much he enjoyed the very first three episodes of Marvel’s newest outing Wanda Vision. Erik Davis called the series truly unlike what Marvel Studios has done so far while also mentioning the show to be funny and adhering to the retro sitcom styles and creating mysteries around to keep the fans guessing. Erik Davis went on to talk about fans who are used to big action sequences and how they need to adjust a little. Erik Davis talked about the beautiful part of the series as every episode give the character enough time to hang out and display their weirdness without rushing into the next big action moment.

The deputy editor of io9 at Gizmodo, Jill Pantozzi, shared her views on the very first three episodes of Marvel’s Wanda Vision, calling the series Magical and Hysterical with a refreshing take, something, unlike Marvel. Jill Pantozzi called the first three episodes short. Still, she revealed that it wouldn’t make you feel short because of the enjoyable unique concept and has executed it in the upcoming Wanda Vision. Jill also suggested that Marvel should keep on experimenting and trying different more often.

The TV editor of Indie Wire, Kristen Lopez, applauded the recreation of classic tv shows and the compelling storyline. Lopez called both Elizabeth Olsen and  Paul Bettany adorable and hilarious and also referred that the show she was most anticipated about didn’t disappoint. Ash Crossan of Entertainment Tonight praised Wanda’s character that took her back to her old Nick At Nite days and called the show impressive, funny, and at times unsettling.

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Fox 5 reporter Kevin McCarthy quoted that he fell madly in love with Wanda Vision’s style, tone, and storytelling. Kevin McCarthy called the show a truly unique setting with a lot of charm, danger, and many easter eggs between the powerful superhero shows. Kevin McCarthy further applauded the effects, and the way shifted between aspect ratios.

On the other hand, Collider’s Perri Nemiroff applauded Marvel’s new direction and how the creative pivot is entertaining and a huge payoff while also mentioning how the traditional fans have to adjust to the new style.


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Wanda Vision Has Screened! Find Out What Critics Have To Say About The Marvel's First Disney Plus Series in 2021!

Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Universe gave last but most in-depth review. Charles Murphy praised the magic between the duo of Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. They both are charming and hilarious and work perfectly together and stated that their magic was proved in front of a live studio audience. Charles Murphy further gave Kevin Feige, Matt Shakman, and Jac Shaeffer, who kept everything from the sitcoms of different eras to the point ranging from camera work to audience reactions to cultural sensibilities.

Charles Murphy further talked more about both main actors by calling Paul Bettany the real treasure among all as an A-plus comedic actor who worked his corny jokes way effortlessly. On the other hand, Murphy praised Elizabeth Olsen. The latter, just like Bettany, plays different characters in different episodes. Still, the actor’s way of reconciling that she has another character apart from the one she is playing sells her performance calling Olsen a gem of an actor.

At the end of his review, Charles Murphy called Wanda Vision something that audiences have never seen before. Still, he will take them to places they have been before and is glad where Marvel is headed because Murphy believes this way the fans will stay for a longer period of time.

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So, from all the critics’ views, it feels like Wanda Vision is something completely out of the box from the Marvel Universe, and the experimentation has worked really great in the first three episodes. Though traditional superhero fans have to adjust, it is gonna be great to see our strongest superheroes in a completely new light. Wanda Vision is set to take us back to our favorite sitcoms, which is a treat to itself. The way everything has worked out, we can enjoy the slow hilarious ride until the main plot arrives, where we may see Wanda’s new character as teased by Elizabeth Olsen. Until then, we will keep you providing with all the updates revolving around Marvel’s Wanda Vision and all the upcoming slated projects from the Marvel Studios, so stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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