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‘Anime’ Is Now An Official Music Genre

anime music

For a while now Anime has been gaining traction in mainstream media. Thanks to in-part to internet culture, anime fans have been able to share their overwhelming love of the Japanese animated industry. With plenty of YouTube creators, meme pages on Instagram, and musicians all showing their affection, it was only a matter of time before this niche market would begin to grow into a full-on culture. And what is a culture without the keystone that centers it, music?

Music has been defining human culture since the dawn of civilizations. So, it’s no surprise that Anime has now joined the music world as its own standalone genre simply called ‘Anime.’ Discovered by Anime music pioneer, Marco B., Routenote, a distribution website for music, listed Anime as a music genre you can select when uploading your music for distribution to major streaming platforms.

Photo of Marco B. (credits: Iaimblve)

While uploading his latest single to Routnote for distribution, he noticed that he could now select ‘Anime’ from the list of possible music genres.

Marco B. has been featured in a documentary by Crunchyroll for his innovative take on his music career, combining his love of Anime with his passion for electronic music. Marco B. recently released the first song under the new genre entitled “Living For You” featuring Amore Jones. The song also doubles as the official soundtrack for his manga series ITERA.

This is just the beginning. There’s no telling how this will change the scope of anime and the music industry as we know it!