PUBG Season 5 update, Zombie Mode And Patch Notes

So, season 4 of PUBG Mobile has finally reached its end, and it’s time for a whole new season, PUBG Season 5, so it’s obvious that everyone is pretty hyped up for the newest update. According to the latest reports, the newest update 0.10.5 of PUBG has started appearing on the respective app stores both for iOS and Android users, however, it is also said that not all players will be able to update the game at the same time, so have a little patience till the update shows up on your app store.

New improvements along with new weapons are reported to be included in this new update. Also, PUBG Season 5 Royal passes will be available along with a new ranking system has been implemented. According to reports, in this current 0.10.5 update, much focus has been given to improve the all-around user experience. Weapons and loot distributions have been changed as well. But, it’s clear that the much-awaited zombie mode isn’t going to come out with this update.

PUBG Season 5 New Update:

PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Update:

  • New Mk47 Assault Rifle added. Bullets: 7.62mm and there are two firing modes for this gun. Availability: Sanhok, Erangel, and Miramar.
  • Laser Sight added: Availability: All Maps.
  • Vivendi map is available when creating rooms.
  • Announcements of Spawn Island can be disabled or enabled in Settings menu.
  • Royale Pass Season 5 available. New skins and emotes are available as well.
  • Ranked Mode Season 5: Revised tiers and new rewards.


  • Vikendi’s loot has been tuned.
  • The shop has been adjusted.
  • Swimmer Sandals Model has been updated.
  • Tuning of Clan benefit sharing has been done.
  • You can access supplies from the main menu.
  • Share For Deals is back as well.

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode update:

The zombie mode, however, is expected to come out with the next update which will be 0.11.0 update. This update is the result of PUBG’s collaboration with Resident Evil 2’s creators. The event is called “PUBG Mobile Resident Evil 2 Duos event.” According to the official announcement, the Zombie mode will come out later this month.

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