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Black Clover Episode 118 Time And Streaming Updates

Black Clover episode 118

Howdy Guys, In this post, we are going to talk about Black Clover Episode 118. This post includes streaming, and time of episode 118. Besides this, we also include a preview of the episode. Note:- Before we move forward, we would like to let you know that this post contains spoilers, so please read with utmost care.

Black Clover Episode 118 Spoilers

When is Black Clover Episode 118 update?

As we all know that Black Clover is produced by Studio Pierrot. Last week on January 14, 2020, the Black Clover aired its 117th episode, and this week, on January 21, 2020, they will be airing the 118th episode. Furthermore,  The anime airs its new episodes every Tuesday at 06:25 PM JST in Japan on TV TOKYO. The episode has an average run time of 24 minutes. Besides this, episode 118 will reveal a new opening theme. The new Opening Theme for the anime is called: “Black Catcher” by Vickeblanka, and the Ending Theme is called: “New Page” by Intersection. This new opening theme will feature Nero. Furthermore, the title of episode 118 of Black Clover is “A Reunion across Time and Space.”

Where to watch Black Clover Episode 118?

Now, coming to the streaming topic, you will be able to watch Black Clover Episode 118 online on Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Hulu, and AnimeLab; if you are in Japan, you are in luck, you will able to watch it live on tv on TV Tokyo. At the very moment, if you want to watch the English dubbed version of Black Clover Episode 118, you will be able to watch it on FUNimation and Crunchyroll both, as they both publish the dubbed version on their respective websites.

What the Black Clover about?

Black Clover follows the story of Asta, a young boy in a world full of magic kingdoms and knights. His aim is to become the Wizard King of his kingdom. However, he is born with no magical talent. Those around him, such as Yuno, consider Asta to be their rival. With immense training, added to his Anti-magic skills, Asta plans to beat Yuno and take the title of Wizard King for himself.