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The Mess You Left Behind Plot, and Cast Details

The Mess You Left Behind Season 1
The Mess You Left Behind Season 1

A Netflix Original, The Mess You Left Behind, is based on a novel under the same name, which is written by Primavera Award in 2016. The protagonist of the show, who happens to be female, hides a dark secret which he will like to unravel.

The writer of the show is Andres Seara. Javier Holgado has written the script of the series. One of the lead directors of this fantastic show is Carlos Montero.

What is ‘The Mess You Left Behind’ Plot?

The lead female protagonist of the show, Raquel, is a young literature writer. She finds a forceful note in her purse on her first day at work. The note read as follows, “How long will it take you to die?”.

She gives her marriage a second chance and moves to her husband’s birth town. She accepted a substitution at her husband’s village institute. Throughout the season, she tries to hide a dark secret, which she will try to unravel. Her illusion will be met by students who will welcome her with the epilogue of grandeur.

The plot of the season has various twists and turns, and the show is mostly a dialogue about female psychology. Though it is based on the profound award-winning novel, the season has all the characteristics of good web-series.

The Mess You Left Behind Season 1

The Mess You Left Behind Season 1

Who is ‘The Mess You Left Behind’ Cast?

The role of Tamar Novas is being played by ‘El desorden que dejas.’ The cast crew of the series is full of Spanish -American origins.

We find Alta Mar, Fariña playing the role of Germán, who is the husband of Raquel in the show. The character of one of the high school students, Lago, is being played by Arón Piper ÉLITE.

When is ‘The Mess You Left Behind’ update?

Season 1 of The Mess You Left Behind is expected to stream in the first quarter of 2020 though, it is not confirmed yet. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.