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Designated Survivor Season 3 Netflix update: All We Know

Designated Survivor Season 3 update

Designated Survivor Season 2 did more than enough to make sure that a season 3 would happen, and the sheer success that it managed to bring in has put this beyond any doubt now. In case you were still wondering, Designated Survivor is going to return for a third season.

The show is about Tom Kirkman, who is an unassuming Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Tom gets surrounded by the aftermath of a mass terrorist attack on the State of the Union address in Washington, and she gets to be the new President now.

He becomes the highest-ranking politician in America, also known as the Designated Survivor. The show was initially dropped by ABC but was picked up by Netflix in September 2018, and so we’re getting a continuation.

Kiefer Sutherland had this to say about Designated Survivor Season 3:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to play President Kirkman for season 3 of Designated Survivor with Netflix, eOne and Neal Baer. I believe this format will allow us to continue to delve deeply into storylines and issues concerning the American electorate that was not previously possible.”

The official synopsis for Designated Survivor Season 3 has some rather interesting bits of information for us. We’re told that President Kirkman will have a tough time, and he’ll face the political reality of campaigning.

The upcoming season will be heavily focused on that, and he’ll come to understand what it means to be a leader, and what price he has to pay to be one. The next season will surely be delving deeper into campaigning, smear tactics, debates, campaign finance, and ‘fake news.’

Designated Survivor Season 3 has no fixedyet, but Netflix did say that the show will be back in 2019. The previous two seasons came out in September, and that’s when we expect Season 3 to come out as well.