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Top Chef Season 17 update, Contestant Details, and Updates

Top Chef Season 17

Top Chef is one of those shows which is loved by everyone who cooks, as it is full of entertainment as well as the talent coming to the show, which provides a lot of knowledge to the viewers about cooking. As we know, the show has already completed sixteen seasons, and we are going to talk about Top Chef season 17 update, preview, and streaming details!

Top Chef Season 16 Completed: Who Is The Winner?

The sixteenth season has finally completed its television run, and we now have the winner too! As we know, the last three contestants were Eric Adjepong, Kelsey Barnard Clark, and Sara Bradley. Out of the three, Kelsey was announced as the winner of the 16th season on the finale episode which aired in 14 March 2020.

Now, all the fans are looking forward to the 17th season, so let’s start discussing more details about the next season!

Top Chef Season 17 update

Top Chef season 17 is scheduled to release on 19 March 2020, and is titled “All Stars L.A.” Which means, this season will be totally different than what we have been seeing. In this season, we will be seeing the previous contestants returning to battle again against the best of the best! So, it would be an interesting competition among the top contenders, and we would be interested to see who wins this top-notch battle between the best chefs of the show!

Top Chef Season 17 Contestants

Format: Name – City of Residence – Featured Season

Eric Adjepong – Washington, DC – Season 16
Karen Akunowicz – Boston, Massachusetts – Season 13
Jennifer Carroll – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Washington, DC – Season 6, 8, 15
Stephanie Cmar – Boston, Massachusetts – Season 10, 11
Lisa Fernandes – Brooklyn, New York – Season 4
Kevin Gillespie – Atlanta, Georgia – Season 6
Gregory Gourdet – Portland, Oregon – Season 12
Melissa King – San Francisco, California – Season 12
Jamie Lynch – Charlotte, North Carolina – Season 14
Brian Malarkey – San Diego, California – Season 3
Nini Nguyen – New York, New York – Season 16
Joe Sasto – Los Angeles, California – Season 15
Angelo Sosa – San Diego, California – Season 7, 8
Bryan Voltaggio – Frederick, Maryland – Season 6
Lee Anne Wong – Maui, Hawaii – Season 1, 15

Top Chef Season 17 Episode 1 update

Top Chef Season 17 Episode 1 was released on 19 March 2020, and was titled ‘It’s Like They Never Left!’

Top Chef Season 17 Episode 2 update

Top Chef Season 17 Episode 2 is projected to air on 26 March 2020, and the title of the episode is not yet out!

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