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South Park Season 24 Plot, Cast, and Updates

South Park Season 24 update
South Park Season 24 Update

An American animated television sitcom, South Park is a cartoon series which is premiered on Comedy Central. The creators of the show include Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show has earned the infamous tag for its dark humor and surreal satire. The series, though animated, is intended for mature audiences, preferably above the age group of above 18. The series revolves around four boys and their bizarre adventures in and around the eponymous Colorado town.

The series has been nominated for plenty of awards which include Annie Awards (in which it could bag one), Critics’ Choice TV Awards (in which it could bag none), Emmy awards (in which it could bag five) and TCA Awards (in which it could bag none).

What is  South Park Season 24 Plot?

The animated sitcom series, South Park centers on four third grade boys, namely Stanley “Stan” Marsh (Parker), Kyle Broflovski (Stone), Kenneth “Kenny” McCormick (Stone), and Eric Cartman (Parker). These boys engage in surreal activities, and their mischief largely forms the part of the plot. The boys exhibit dark humor, as said earlier and thus, make this animation suitable for adults only.

The last season of the series has been fairly popular, but it was obviously not up to the standards. Due to its inappropriate content, it was also rumored whether South Park would be shown the red light for Comedy Central. However, the creators of the show have confirmed that the series will continue till 2022.

The last season garnered 0.46 ratings in the 18-49 age demographic with 817000 viewers. If we compare these statistics with that of Season 22, we will find that the ratings have gone down to 9%, and the viewership has gone down to 5%.

Who is South Park Season 24 Cast?

South Park is an animated series. Hence there is no scope of performing actors or actresses. However, the series does need voice artists to add life to the characters. Voice cast of the long-running series includes Moona Marshall, April Stewart, Adrien Beard, Jennifer Howel, among others.

When is South Park Season 24 update?

South Park Season 24 will premiere sometime in Fall 2020 on Comedy Central, but there is no official word as of now. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

Update 1:

South Park Season 24 was expected to release in Fall 2020, but it looks like this year, South Park might be delayed. Many of the Comedy Central shows have halted the production keeping the safety of cast and crew into consideration. South Park show is produced by South Park Studios, and we believe South Park Studios have halted the production of their show as well.

We do not have any confirmed news on this, most of the productions have shifted work from home, which is slow the amount of work being done day-to-day and as a result, the show will be delayed.

We will update you once the update is confirmed, stay tuned to OtakuKart.