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Irfan Khan Net Worth 2020, Family, Films and All Details You Should Know

Irfan Khan

The late Indian actor Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan –best known as Irfan–, was a well-known actor in his home country, he was born in Jaipur, Rajashtan. Irfan had an international career in British and American cinema. The actor is considered one of the best actors in Indian cinema with an impressive job of three decades, numerous awards & recognitions from his country.

Irfan Khan: Net Worth

Starting with a film debut with the 1988 film by Mira Nair, “Salam Bombay!”, Irfan’s career takes off after twenty years of hard work, landing a part in Asif Kapadia’s first long feature film, 2001’s “The Warrior”.

In 2004 he worked with Tigmanshu Dhulia in one of his productions & in 2003 Vishal Bhardwaj’s Maqbool. He is known in the western hemisphere for his work in The Amazing Spider-Man, Life of Pi & Jurassic World. Irfan’s net worth is estimated to be around fifty million US dollars, he used to charge 1.5-2 million dollars for a movie.

A talented TV actor, Irfan performed in several series for national television: Sara Jahan Hamara, Banegi Apni Baat, Chandrakanta, Chanakya, Baharat Ek Khoj, AnooGoonk, Shrikant, Sparsh are just a few of the parts the late actor had in the many productions he participated during his thirty-year career.

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Irfan Khan Career

In 2006 he was the recipient of the Independent Spirit Award for best-supporting actor for the Indian-American production “The Namesake”. He then won a 2012 Indian National Film Award for Best Actor for his part in “Paan Singh Tomar”, a movie about the story of a national champion athlete who quits his job in the armed forces to rule the Chambal region of India.

And in 2013 he got a viewer’s choice award at the Cannes Festival for his role in “The Lunchbox”, an Indian romance drama. Irfan leaves behind two sons and his widow, Sutapa Sikdar, an Indian film & dialogue writer from Delhi who went to India’s NSD– National School of Drama– with Irfan, they married in February 1995.

Irfan was meticulous in his work, even going to impress many with how he dealt with criticism. Irfan’s leading critic was himself, at some point in his life, he decided to drop his last name because he wanted his work & not his lineage to define him. He had a fierce battle with one particular type of cancer that’s complex to describe: the Neuroendocrine tumor, the disease that began in 2018. The kind of cancer that took Irfan away from us is an abnormal cell growth that stems from the nerves & endocrine system, wreaking extraordinary havoc upon the body.

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Irfan Khan Final Days

Irfan treated his ailments in the United Kingdom’s best cancer centers, and even having the best healthcare out there possible, the disease extinguished the life of the Indian actor. Taking away from the entertainment culture, one of India’s most talented performers.

Irfan’s struggle with cancer was a bitter one. When his Calvary started, he confessed that he had surrendered. The neuroendocrine tumor is a terrible insidious disease that takes away the quality of life, independence of movement & freedom of personal choices of a person. As it slowly confines the patient towards their final resting place.

After his death, his team released a warm statement: “Irfan was as strong soul, someone who fought till the very end and always inspired everyone who came close to him”. This wraps up our coverage of Irfan Khan’s work. We offer his fans & his loved ones our condolences and invite the reader to celebrate the life of Irfan by streaming some of his movies.