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The Act Episode 8: ‘Free’ Streaming And Spoilers

The Act Episode 8

In this post, we are going to talk about The Act season 1 episode 8 where to watch, and spoilers. We all know that the show is supposed to complete its run with the eighth episode, but that episode will be very crucial. I would not write spoilers in this paragraph, but we will be taking a recap of the last episode below to stay in the loop. Therefore, stay aware of the spoilers in the following section, and skip to thepart of you do not like spoilers.

Well, the story has been cut straight to the point, as Gypsy and Nick turn into the real-life situation, where they cannot stand on the same page. They were arguing about everything, which was the harsh reality of this kind of relationships. Soon, detective Crawford traced the couple using a Facebook post and knocked at Nick’s door. They both were arrested and then interrogated. Nick accepted that he stabbed Dee Dee, but Gypsy did not. But her text message records were there to say it all, and she was taken to courtroom. Now, let’s talk more about the next episode.

This new show has hooked up all the viewers with its seven-episode run, and now the season finale eighth episode is supposed to drop this week. The eighth episode of The Act season 1 is projected to release on 1 May 2019. The show is a Hulu original, and new episodes are added on Wednesdays at 9 PM. The next episode is titled ‘Free.’

The show is exclusively available on Hulu, and only Hulu users can watch it. Therefore, keep your Hulu subscription in check to keep watching new episodes. Now, we are moving towards the end of this story, and the eighth episode will be the last. We have already seen that Gypsy has been arrested, and there seems to be no way out due to those conspiracy charges against her mother. She has not killed Dee Dee, but she is the mastermind behind it because Nick has mental problems. It would be interesting to see where this story ends.