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Normal People Review

Normal People
Normal People Still

Normal People is based on the novel written by the Irish author Sally Rooney. It’s the second novel for the author after Conversations with Friends, which got published in 2017. Normal People is the television series developed by the Element Pictures exclusively for Hulu and BBC Three. Series follows a Drama and Romance genre. Lenny Abrahamson and Hettie Macdonald joints together in directing the television series. The first season of the series released on 29 April 2020 consisted of 12 episodes.  The episode is streamed through three different entertainment mediums in three different countries. The series mainly focuses on the secret and intimate relationship between Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal.

It all started with the half-smile while crossing each other in the school corridor. They both never had any idea about the future outcomes of a smile. Days passed normal and the friendship sparked between each other. Marianne and Connell started sharing their personnel life, as days passed warmness made them get closer. we’ll experience the result of the half-smile for the 12 episodes. Ther are two kinds of an audience that made these television series a grand success. One is the avid fan of the novel series who wished to see their favorite novel in the visual format another one is the random guy who likes to watch the Irish girl’s love story. The first series of the season was well received by the audience around the countries.

The friendship started between popular school athlete Connell and outcast Marianne at the secondary school located in the remote area of Ireland, County Sligo. Friendship gave trust between each other eventually converting into a romantic relationship. During school days Connell lives at home along with his lovely mother whereas Marianne spends her school life in a mansion with her busy mother and hateful brother. Marianne always missing a caring soul to share her daily life happening, she finds Connell as a perfect match to share his thoughts and idea.

Normal People

Normal People

Connell’s mother works for Marianne’s home as a housekeeper. Due to the social-economic status, they hide their relationship to the outer world and enjoy each other company secretly. Marianne expresses her feeling towards Connell, he explains his unstable situation due to the social pressure and keeps their relationship hidden. Connell asks her to keep their relationship hidden to maintain his high social status in school. He was a popular figure in the school due to his excellent performance in academics and sports activities. He feels that his reputation might get spoiled once his relationship becomes public. As their romance develops they plan to have sex and Connell takes Marianne’s virginity. They decide to grow older getting closer with days. Connell continues to look normal with Marianne in school in learning and sports activities.

Marianne being a quite mature school girl understands his situation and accepts his request to main their relationship hidden. However, she feels quite uncomfortable hiding her relation with him she accepts to continue for the love and intimacy they shared together. Family situation of Connell and Marianne are exactly different from each other. Marianne being from the settled family faces a lot of problems from her blood relation. They often see her as a piece of material and doesn’t give importance to her suggestion and feelings. She always feels frustrated being with her family members. Connell was the only comforting person in her life where she feels quite secured and trustworthy. Connell’s relationship with his family members exactly contrasts with Marianne’s where he shares a good bonding with his mother, where he can share anything and everything.

As days pass, Marianne finds Connell betrayal and she calls off her relationship with him. Connell was seen sharing his room with Racheal. She was one of the high school girls and one of the fellow student who was interested in having a relationship with  Connell. Soon after the breakup, Marianne changes his way of life by taking up the party, rocking along with her friends and her change in dressing shocked everyone around the school.

Marianne gets brutally hurt after fining his boyfriend cheating her and makes himself a self-quarantine and avoiding the other members. Connell’s mom asks about the reason behind her depression where Connell brushes things off and comforts his mother from the situation. Marianne stays home avoiding the debs while Connell was dancing with Rachel at the night party. Later that night after having a heavy alcoholic session Connell realizes his mistake towards the Marianne and crumble and cries on missing Marianne in his life.

Connell tries hard to fit in with the trinity college and fails. His unnecessary activities keep him away from Marianne. Things change opposite after the incident where Marianne becomes popular around the school gaining more attention while Connell becomes a lonely guy without any friends to share his school life. During one of the parties they meet each other after a long time and discuss their early love life, finally, both confess that they needed each other in their lives.

After a few years of the unceremonious end of their high school romance, Marianne and Connell meet again at the award function that happened in prestigious Trinity College. They both experience many changes from the school days. Marianne was found with a glass of wine-sipping and discussing the famous artworks of Europe and discussing Marxism living in their luxurious self customized tastefully apartment in Dublin. Meanwhile, Connell is struggling with his academics and caught between the two extremes of life. He was enjoying a comfortable life in Sligo and also getting an overwhelming presence in Dublin. The only things which unite them are the bonding and romance from the past during their school days.

Connell and Marianne resume their relationship after ending their misunderstanding with each other. They spend their time closer, late-night calls and intimacy made them closer with days. Connell apologizes for having an affair with Gareth in his early days which leads them to have a breakup. Marianne being a loyal and prominent person accepts his apology and expresses her sadness due to the void that happened in her life while missing him around. Connell and Marianne’s renewed relationship blossoms without the threat causing persons around. Marianne plans to go for the family dinner to spend some time with the family members. Dinner turns out to be a disaster where she faces a threat and abuse from her brother. She gets broken from the incident and finds it hard to get out of the situation and feels mentally disturbed struggling hard to focus on her academics.

Meanwhile, Connell losses his job and struggle hard to pay his rent. He feels guilty to ask Marianne help to stay at her place for a while and plans to move to Sligo for a short period. They initially plan to be around with each other for Marianne comfort as she requested Connell to stay in the town. Connell hides his struggles and discomfort to ask Marianne help they ended up being together and he moves out of the city. Their life changes with time where Connell involves himself in heavy drinking and partying along with his friends in Sligo. He faces depression due to his financial trouble along with the love life with Marianne which ended up due to the different social status. He always feels insecure about the economical status between each other.

Normal People

Normal People Still

It’s because Marianne comes from a highly rich family whereas Connell has to earn for his bread and butter. Jamie after coming to know about the situation tries to make move towards Marianne by approaching her for relationship. After meeting at the shop, Marianne and Connell speak about their friendship that later for more than years. After accepting the prestigious Schools program along with Marianne Connell goes back to his college life for his results and resumes to heavy drinking along with his friends. She starts to party along with his friends and Jamie where Connell struggles hard with his drinking problem. They finally discuss their breakup,  before Marianne plans to kick him out of her life.

Connell suffers after losing Marianne and decide to meet her during the summer in her home located in Italy. Jamie expresses his anger to Marianne after coming to know that Connell is once again back in her life. She was in love with Jamie and the tension become stronger with dates and reach the breaking point. They undergo serious discussion to sent Connell home. She expresses her concern towards him which makes Jamie puzzled over her emotions. Earlier she has shown interest in the Erasmus student exchange program in Sweden. She finds herself in a mentally unstable situation towards her unhealthy relationship.

Connell faces a heavy loss after an old school friend commits suicide. He feels that his mental health suffers after coming to know about the suicide note about his trustworthy and loyal friend. Marianne tries to console Connell to get rid of the situations and their friendship gets stronger and emotional bonds to deepen. After coming back to Sligo, Marianne faces calls and message from Alan. She tries to explain things to Alan and fails. They involve in fights with each other over a matter that was annoying them for quite a period. Marianne continues to struggle with her family members, She misses Connell to comfort her during her struggling face.

Why does Connel want to leave to Newyork? Connel receives an offer to study in New York. He has always struggled hard to shine in his academics to settle his family economically. Meanwhile, their relationship finally set on track after facing several problems in each other’s life. They plan to continue their long-distance relationship. The entire first season was well planned to express the love and understanding between each other, starting from the school days. The Series has gained a positive response from the audience. Based on the information from the uneducated guesses suggest that the development is interested in progressing with the love series for another season. we dint have official confirmation about the renewal of the second season of the series. We have to wait for the official word from the production. It’s too early to expect the renewal details of the second season of the television series. The entertainment industry has seen much romantic television series in the past year, Normal People stand unique from another series.