Index of Arifureta Season 1 With Episode Titles, Streaming, And updates

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Index of Arifureta Season 1

All the Arifureta fans are concerned for Hajime, who has faced a lot of problems in the dark abyss of the Great Orcus Labyrinth. We already saw five episodes completed, and while we were supposed to get the sixth episode, we got a special episode which was a look back to all the previous episodes. Therefore, fans are confused about what is the episode schedule of the first season. Hence, we are here with all the details, including the index of Arifureta season 1 with episode titles and updates.

Index of Arifureta: Episode Schedule, Titles, and update

Arifureta Season 1 Episode 1 – Jul 08, 2019 – The Monster of the Abyss
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 2 – Jul 15, 2019 – Pandora’s Box
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 3 – Jul 22, 2019 – The Golden Vampire Princess
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 4 – Jul 29, 2019 – Guardian of the Depths
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 5 – Aug 05, 2019 – The Maverick’s Lair

Arifureta Season 1 Episode 5.5 (Special Episode) – August 12, 2019 – Omnibus: The Great Orcus Labyrinth

Arifureta Season 1 Episode 6 – Aug 19, 2019 – Worthless Rabbit
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 7 – Aug 26, 2019 – Episode 7
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 8 – Sep 02, 2019 – Episode 8
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 9 – Sep 09, 2019 – Episode 9
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 10 – Sep 16, 2019 – Episode 10
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 11 – Sep 23, 2019 – Episode 11
Arifureta Season 1 Episode 12 – Sep 30, 2019 – Episode 12

The first season has 12 episodes listed as of now, and the twelfth episode would be the season finale. While we are providing all the confirmed details, AT-X holds absolute rights to change the schedule at their will. We willthe post as soon as new details come out! The show can be streamed on Crunchyroll. If you are in the US, you can watch it on Hulu. Furthermore, the show is broadcasted on AT-X channel at 11.30 PM JST in Japan on Mondays.

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