Haikyuu To the Top Season 2 Episode 16 Preview, and Spoilers

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Haikyuu To the Top Season 2

The match between Kurasuno High vs Inarizaki still continues let’s find ou with Duo is the best between these two teams here. The combination of #11 and #7 of Inarizaki is shaking the defense of Kurasono. Osamu serves and Daichi hits it Asahi who sends it to the other side. Osamu sends it back to Kurasano’s side and he scores Honata is angry that his team is losing position and timing. Osamu gets praised for his nice kill and #11 and 7 are on the par with the Kurasano’s first-year duo.

The score is now 12:10 with Inarizaki leading with 2 points. Kei serves and Osamu sets it to #11 who sends it to Kurasano side with the aim os scoring. Tobio interferes and sets it to Hinata who jumps high and grab a point to his home. Hinata with Tobio is looking at Osamu and #11 who are competing with them. Keishi told Hinata and Tobio not to get worked up they must calm down and not play in anger. The Miya twins are unstoppable they replied back with another score.

This week’s post is about Haikyuu To The Top Season 2 Episode 16 preview, and recap. This anime is also known as Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Cour. You can officially watch Haikyuu To The Top Season 2 on Crunchyroll or visit its website at haikyu.jp.. Let’s take a look at the weekly schedule of this Anime below.

Haikyuu To The Top Season 2 Episode 16 will be released on Saturday, 17 October 2020, at 2:25 AM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Saturday. Watch out for the spoilers of the next episode when you continue. Let’s see which duo will be the best below.

Haikyuu To the Top Season 2
Haikyuu To the Top Season 2

Previously on Haikyuu To the Top Season 2 Episode 15

They make it 14:11 which is surprising Kurasuno’s players while the guys on the bench noticed that Hinata is an excellent scorer. They think that he is not going to keep playing with Tobio as his setter forever. They also notice that Hinata is witnessing something new in the middle of the game. Again Tobia set up Hinata who tricks #7 and snatch a point. Keishin has noticed that Tobio is trying to act smart by setting more balls to Hinata. He also thinks that the old Tobio would have tried to do everything on his own.

#11 and 3 from Kurasuno manages to stop the counter-attack from the duo. They manage to score with surprise #7 and #11 from Inarizaki and Tsukima celebrate that they stopped the Miya twins. Only one point left for Kurasano to tie the game with a score of 17:16. The game went on time out wich is called by Inarizaki High School. Keishin told Hinata that he is leaving one of the Miya Twins to him. The time out is over Kurasuno came back strong and Kei manages to score after a long jump.

#7 is asking himself what is happening with Tobio as he is not even attacking but he keeps on setting others to score. Kurasuno manages to tie the game after passing the ball over three blockers. The score is tied to 22:22 and Hinata is happy that he is going to play on the backline. Hinata switches position with #12 Tadashi and told him to score 10 points. Tadashi was scared but he got his confidence back from the crowd and scores. Kurasuno takes the lead the match still continues.

Haikyuu To the Top Season 2 Episode 16 Preview


For this week that what we have to offer for you about the latest development of the upcoming episode. New updates will be released next week Saturday.

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