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Kingdom Chapter 657 Spoilers, and Recap


The battle has been heated between Moubu’s Army and Manu-U Army and Wei Army is supporting Moubu’s Army fro the other side. One of Moubu’s soldiers has spotted someone who they are not familiar with. They asking him who is he and replied that he has come to deliver a message. The guy said he is Lieutenant General of Ranbihaku Army Gyo-En. He asks if Moubu is around and Moubu comes hearing his name being called.

Gyon-En reveals that Gohoumei of the Wei Army has decided that Moubu’s Army and the Generals should move and attack CHU Army. The Ranbihaku’s Arny will support their attack with the Wei’s Army. Moubu’s Army will be the main attack and they must leave now and head to the CHU HQ. Moubu saw an opening and started moving towards CHU HQ. Moubu and his Army are advancing through while destroying heir enemies.

Today we will be looking at Kingdom Chapter 657 recap. Man-U wants to lure Moubu to his side after tiring him with his personal guards. Let’s see what will Moubu do below. Before that take a look at the Kingdom chapter’s schedule below.

Kingdom Chapter 657 will be released on Saturday, 17 October 2020. This Manga releases a new chapter every Saturday we will update you if it shifts to another update. Unfortunately, the spoiler of the upcoming chapter aro not yet released. Let’s take a look at the following updates below.



Previously on Kingdom Chapter 656

Man-U notices what is happening and he attacks moving towards Moubu who spotted him from a distance. Man-U yells at Moubu that his opponent is him and Moubu got carried away. He told Raki to move ahead with others while he is heading towards Man-U.  Man-U is happy that Moubu has got his interest meanwhile the Sentou Army is clashing with Rokuomi’s Army. Sentou made a powerful slash that nearly got Rokoumi killed. Rokoumi dodges the attack in time but he got some scratch.

Sentou smiles saying that he will move and find someone who is worthy to fight with him. Sentou said that everything he is encountering is boring stuff he wants some real entertainment. Sentou like on the other side and he has notice Wei and said it is interesting for him. Sentou is happy that Wei and Qin Army have left him unattended. He shouts that he will see what is going to happen first when they kill Jukoo or he will take Gohoumei’s head.

The generals are worried about Gohoumei and they send some Army to block Sentou for him not to take Gouhoumei’s head. One of the soldiers punches the other one for saying that Sentou may be able to defeat Gohoumei. At Wei HQ one of the generals informs Gohoumei that the Sentou Army is closing in on their HQ. Gohoumei orders for Ryuuhan to turn around and they must also fortify their defense.

Moubu manages to wipe off all of the personal guards while Man-U is praising him waiting for him to reach where he is. He has noticed that Moubu is strong and he has also defeated Kanmei who is stronger than him. Moubu reaches where Man-U is and they started fighting. Man-U throws a powerful blow that makes Moubu’s horse trip. Moubu doges the attack while falling on the ground, the battle continues.

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