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Superman: Red Son Trailer Revealed – Hints To Exciting Batman Fight

Superman: Red Son

An exclusive trailer for Superman: Red Son has been revealed recently. The trailer shows the first over-all look of the movie, its plot, and other details that fans would want to know. Set to be released next year, the movie is one of the two Superman-themed movies this upcoming 2020. With the animation adaptation of the 2003 alternate comics by Mark Millar, fans can see Superman in a new light in a rare chance.

Superman: Red Son is an alternate reality version of the classic Superman storyline. Instead of falling to Kansas, Superman instead fell to Ukraine where he grew up in the Soviet Union. He is described as a champion of a common worker and someone who fights battles for Stalin and socialism. And indeed, he was a force to be reckoned with during the 1950s Cold War.

For the movie adaptation of Superman: Red Son, English actor Jason Isaacs will be voicing the Soviet Superman. Amy Acker will be voicing the alternate Lois Lane. Diedrich Bader will play Lex Luthor, which is considered as Soviet Superman’s nemesis. In this movie, Lex Luthor is married to Lois Lane and is set on destroying Soviet Superman at all costs. Other casts for the film include Phil LaMarr, Vanessa Marshalls, Sasha Roiz, Paul Williams, William Salyers, and Roger Craig Smith.

Batman will appear in Superman: Red Son and will take an important role in the story. Other characters that are expected to appear are Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, and even historical figures such as Joseph Stalin. The movie was directed and produced by Sam Liu, who is also responsible for Batman: Bad blood. It is expected to be released in the first part of 2020. Another Superman film called Superman: Man of Tomorrow will be released in theaters next year, with the announcement released at San Diego Comic-Con.