Wrong Turn 7 is set to return but as a “Reboot”! The Gross Cannibalistic Movies to Feature A New Cannibal Family

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The movie franchise which has been embracing the gross side of the “Horror” genre since 2003’s first installment of “Wrong Turn” keeps coming back it seems. Fans love the deformed cannibal family from West Virginia who terrorized every human that arrived there with their gross approach and brilliant traps. The movies used to have an ultimate scary hostile feel which led the movie to popularity in the genre and soon 6 installments followed the way into the digital media.

While the movie kept expanding with new visitors and cannibals doing their job, it seems it started falling apart in quality and even fans started turning their backs on the franchise and thus, we haven’t received a new installment since 2014’s Wrong Turn: Last Resort.

Now, in the coming 2021, it seems like the franchise is taking inspiration from Halloween’s 2018 reboot and trying to embark on a new take of the original series. So here are all the details on the upcoming Wrong Turn Reboot that will come alive in 2021.

Wrong Turn Reboot – What to expect

Wrong Turn 7 reboot

It seems like Wrong Turn makers have decided to start at the beginning with no interest to look at the original franchise since the last installment was not able to fulfill the wishes of fans. The movie has decided not to mention the previous cannibal family comprising of Three Finger, One Eye, and Saw Tooth at all and show a completely new storyline with new cannibals in itself.

The movie is taking notes from another horror franchise “Halloween” which was also failing to make an impact with its sequels and decided to reboot its storyline only relating to the first movie and BOOM! the formula worked. Halloween managed to grab the audience’s attention and became a successful project.

So, if we like to look at the way Halloween approached, the Wrong Turn 7 still can mention the classic family, even they are not part of the film only to be connected with the first movie and ignoring the other unsuccessful stints. And from the trailer, it seems the new direction is definitely making fans hop around hoping the reboot to live to its expectations.

The trailer so far features a group of completely new killers who belong to a community called “The Foundation” from the Appalachian wilderness. They have managed to stay under the radar for a  long time just like the cannibals from the original movies and will thus be seen terrorizing whoever crosses their border. The new direction and plot so far seem promising and we hope it lives to its expectations.

There are other movies that are slowly approaching this formula including the Candyman remake and have found moderate success in the box office. The Wrong Turn franchise seems no new addition and we hope to see the franchise relive a new breathe and satisfy the fans who loved the original take of the movies. Let’s hope for the best.

The first two parts of the original Wrong Turn series were considered the best we can get while the other following sequels kept their heavy focus on more and more gross scenes. On the other hand, sexuality was the only other thing that increased instead of plot development and good storylines. The last movie proved to be the worst “Horror” genre can offer and be considered the biggest disappointment ever.

So we have all fingers crossed for the coming Wrong Turn 7 reboot. Stay tuned for more updates.

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