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Clique Season 3 Cast, Recap, and All We Know

Clique Season 3 update and cast

Clique is a popular British web series for television in the thriller genre that was initially released on BBC Three. The show has managed to make its mark due to its unique dark, mysterious storyline, which is also very interesting. The characters have seemed to be multi-layered, which gathers a lot of suspense in the show.

Jess Brittain creates the show. It was first launched on 5 March 2017 as the first season came out with six parts in total. In January 2018, the second season also came out. The show has featured many sensitive issues like toxic masculinity, microaggressions, and far-right politics.

Clique Season 3 Cast

The main protagonist of Clique is Synnove Karlsen, who plays the role of Holly McStay. Rachel Hurt-Wood plays the role of Shirley protagonists, Rachel Maddox, who is good at reading people and is a good friend of Holly. The other casts include Sophia Brown, Ella-Rae Smith.

The cast members change in each of the seasons. In season two, we have Leo Suter, Nicholas Nunn, and others. Season 3 might also have different casts.

Clique Season 3 update

Clique Poster

Clique Plot

The story revolves around Holly, a 19-year girl who is very sensitive and her best friend, Georgia, as they join the University of Edinburgh. They enjoy their lives in the university, but then Georgia gets involved with the alluring alpha girls. Holly also joins the clique following her friends.

They find lavish parties and are surrounded by rich people. However, they discover the dark truth and find out how their lives can be in danger. Holly, with her dark past, feels more in danger. In season 2, Holly meets a mysterious male friendship group. She gets trapped in scandals and struggles to find the truth.

Clique Season 3 update

The second season came out on 10 November 2018. The show is top-rated for its mysterious and dark theme and is worth returning for a third season.

However, the BBC has not made any confirmation or announcements. The predictions cannot be made about the season 3 update. However, we willyou when the updates are reported.